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User manual Asus, model K8N

Manafacture: Asus
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manual abstract

Visit the ASUS website (for the latest DDR 400 QVL for this motherboard. DIMM Vendor Chip Number Chip Brand SS/DS Module Part Number Size KINGSTON HY5DU56822BT-D43 Hynix SS KVR400X64C3A/256 256MB KINGSTON HY5DU56822BT-D43 Hynix DS KVR400X64C3A/512 512MB KINGSTON V58C2256804SAT5(ECC) Mosel SS KVR400X72C3A/256 256MB KINGSTON V58C2256804SAT5(ECC) Mosel DS KVR400X72C3A/512 512MB KINGSTON HYB25D256800BT-5B Infineon SS KVR400X64C3A/256 256MB KINGSTON HYB25D256809BT-5B Infineon DS KVR400X64C3A/512 512MB KINGSTON D3208DL2T-5 KINGSTON SS KVR400X64C3A/256 256MB KINGSTON D328DIB-50 KINGSTON DS KVR400X64C3A/512 512MB KINGSTON Heat-Sink Package N/A DS KHX3200A/512 512MB SAMSUNG K4H560838E-TCCC(ECC) SAMSUNG SS M381L3223ETM-CCC 256MB SAMSUNG K4H560838E-TCCC(ECC) SAMSUNG DS M381L6423ETM-CCC 512MB SAMSUNG K4H560838E-TCCC SAMSUNG SS M368L3223ETM-CCC 256MB SAMSUNG K4H560838E-TCCC SAMSUNG DS M368L6423ETM-CCC 512MB SAMSUNG K4H560838F-TCCC SAMSUNG SS M368L3223FTN-CCC 256MB SAMSUNG K4H560838F-TCCC SAMSUNG DS M368L6423FTN-CCC 256MB Hynix HY5DU56822BT-D43 Hynix SS HYMD232646B8J-D43 AA 256MB Hynix HY5DU56822BT-D43 Hynix DS HYMD264646B8J-D43 AA 512MB MICRON MT46V32M8TG-5BC MICRON SS MT8VDDT3264AG-40BCB 256MB MICRON MT46V32M8TG-5BC MICRON DS MT16VDDT6464AG-40BCB 512MB Infineon HYB25D256800BT-5B Infineon SS HYS64D32300GU-5-B 256MB Infineon HYB25D256800BT-5B Infineon DS HYS64D64320GU-5-B 512MB Infineon HYB25D256800CE-5C Infineon SS HYS64D32300HU-5-C 256MB Infineon HYB25D256800CE-5C Infineon DS HYS64D64320HU-5-C 512MB CORSAIR W942508BH-5 Winbond SS CMX256A-3200C2PT 256MB CORSAIR Heat-Sink Package Winbond DS CMX512-3200C2 512MB Legend: SS - Single-Sided DIMMs DS - Double-Sided DIMMs ASUS K8N motherboard 1.7.3 Installing a DIMM Follow these steps to install a DIMM. 1. Unlock a DIMM socket by pressing the retaining clips outward. 2. Align a DIMM on the socket such that the notch on the DIMM matches the break on the socket. 3. Firmly insert the DIMM into the socket until the retaining clips snap back in place and the DIMM is properly seated. Unlocked DDR DIMM A DDR DIMM is keyed with a notch so that it fits in only one direction. DO NOT force a DIMM into a socket to avoid damaging the DIMM. 1.8 Expansion slots To install and configure an expansion card: 1. Install an expansion card following the instructions that came with the chassis. 2. Turn on the system and change the necessary BIOS settings, if any. See Chapter 2 for BIOS information. 3. Assign an IRQ to the card. Refer to the tables next page. 4. Install the drivers and/or software applications for the expansion card according to the card documentation. 1.8.1 Standard interrupt assignments IRQ Priority Standard Function 0 1 System Timer 1 2 Keyboard Controller 2 N/A Programmable Interrupt 3* 11 IRQ holder for PCI steering 4* 12 Communications Port (COM1) 5* 13 IRQ holder for PCI steering 6 14 Floppy Disk Controller 7* 15 Printer Port (LPT1) 8 3 System CMOS/Real Time Clock 9* 4 IRQ holder for PCI steering 10* 5 IRQ holder for PCI steering 11* 6 IRQ holder for PCI steering 12* 7 PS/2 Compatible Mouse Port 13 8 Numeric Data Processor 14* 9 Primary IDE Channel 15* 10 Secondary IDE Channel * These IRQs are usually available for ISA or PCI devices. Chapter 1: Product introduction 1.8.2 IRQ assignments for this motherboard INT A INT B INT C INT D INT E PCI slot 1 shared — — — — PCI slot 2 — shared — — — PCI slot 3 — — shared — — PCI slot 4 — — — used — PCI slot 5 shared — — — — Serial ATA — — shared — — AGP slot — — — — used When using PCI cards on shared slots, ensure that the drivers support “Share IRQ” or that the cards do not need IRQ assignments. Otherwise, conflicts will arise between the two PCI groups, making the system unstable and the card inoperable. 1.8.3 PCI slots The PCI slots support PCI cards such as a LAN card, SCSI card, USB card, and other cards that comply with PCI specifications. ASUS K8N motherboard 1.8.4 AGP slot The Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) slot supports AGP 8X/4X (+1.5V) cards. When you buy an AGP card, make sure that you ask for one with +1.5V specification. Note the notches on the card golden fingers to ensure that they fit the AGP slot on the motherboard. Install only +1.5V AGP cards. K8N ® Keyed for 1.5v K8N Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) If installing the ATi 9500 or 9700 Pro Series VGA cards, use only the card version PN xxx-xxxxx-30 or later, for optimum performance and overclocking stability. Chapter 1: Product introduction 1.9 Jumpers 1. Clear RTC RAM (CLRTC) This jumper allows you to clear the Real Time Clock (RTC) RAM in CMOS. You can clear the CMOS memory of date, time, and system setup parameters by erasing the CMOS RTC RAM data. The RAM data in CMOS, that include system setup information such as system passwords, is powered by the onboard button cell battery. To erase the RTC RAM: 1. Turn OFF the computer and unplug the power cord. 2. Move the jumper cap from pins 1-2 (default) to pins 2-3. Keep the cap on pins 2-3 for about 5~10 se...


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