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User manual GTO, model UL325 SERIES

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manual abstract

Failure to follow installation and safety instructions can result in hazards developing due to improper assembly. You agree to properly install this product and that if you fail to do so GTO, Inc. shall in no event be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or loss of profits whether based in contract tort or any other legal theory during the course of the warranty or at any time thereafter. The installer and/or user agree to assume responsibility for all liability and use of this product releasing GTO, Inc. from any and all liability. If you are not in agreement with this disclaimer or do not feel capable of properly following all installation and safety instructions you may return this product for full replacement value. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY before attempting to install and use this automatic gate opener. This gate opener produces a high level of force. Stay clear of the unit while it is operating and exercise caution at all times. All automatic gate openers are intended for use on vehicular gates only. This product meets and exceeds the requirements of UL 325, the standard which regulates gate opener safety, as established and made effective March 1, 2000, by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. 3121 Hartsfield Road • Tallahassee, Florida, USA 32303 Telephone GTO Sales: 1-800-543-GATE (4283) or (850) 575-0176 • Fax (850) 575-8912 or GTO Technical Service: 1-800-543-1236 or (850) 575-4144 • Fax (850)575-8950 ©2004 GTO, Inc. R350INST rev - 04/11/06 The Mighty Mule® Gate Opener is intended for use with vehicular swing gates. The opener can be used in Class I, Class II and Class III applications. VEHICULAR GATE OPENER CLASS CATEGORIES Residential Vehicular Gate Opener-Class I: A vehicular gate opener (or system) intended for use in a home of one-to-four single family dwelling, or a garage or parking area associated therewith. Commercial/General Access Vehicular Gate Opener-Class II: A vehicular gate opener (or system) intended for use in a commercial location or building such as a multifamily housing unit (five or more single family units), hotel, garages, retail store, or other building servicing the general public. Industrial/Limited Access Vehicular Gate Opener–Class III: A vehicular gate opener (or system) intended for use in an industrial location or building such as a factory or loading dock area or other locations not intended to service the general public. Conversion Chart Converting Metric Units to English Equivalents When You Know Multiply By To Find Symbol centimeters 0.3937 inches in. (or ") meters 3.2808 feet ft. (or ') kilograms 2.2046 pounds lb. (or #) Converting English Units to Metric Equivalents When You Know Multiply By To Find Symbol inches 2.5400 centimeters cm feet 0.3048 meters m pounds 0.4535 kilograms kg Converting Temperature deg. Celsius (.C x 1.8) + 32 deg. Fahrenheit .F deg. Fahrenheit (.F-32) . 1.8 deg. Celsius .C FOR YOUR RECORDS Please record the product serial number (located on the rear of opener arm), and the date and place of purchase in the spaces provided below. Refer to this information when calling GTO for service or assistance with your automatic gate opener. Serial Number ____________________ Date of Purchase ____________________ Place of Purchase ____________________ Remember to keep all receipts for proof of purchase. Table of Contents KEEP THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE Gate Opener Class Categories -------------------------------------------------------------inside cover Units and Standards Conversion Chart ---------------------------------------------------inside cover PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! --------------------------------------------------page iii Important Safety Instructions --------------------------------------------------page 1 Disconnecting the Opener -------------------------------------------------------------page 1 Important Safety Instructions for the Consumer------------------------------------page 2 Secondary Means of Protection Against Entrapment ------------------------------page 5 Required Safety Precautions for Gates-----------------------------------------------page 6 Warning Signs and Labels-------------------------------------------------------------page 7 Installation --------------------------------------------------------------------------page 8 Parts List ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 8 Technical Specifications -------------------------------------------------------------page 10 Installation Overview ---------------------------------------------------------------- page 11 Installation of the Mounting Hardware ----------------------------------------------page 12 Mounting the Opener-------------------------------------------------------------------page 16 Installation of the Closed Position Stop ---------------------------------------------page 16 Powering the System ------------------------------------...


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