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User manual AquaPRO, model WIP150PRO

Manafacture: AquaPRO
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3 2 1 1 Juego de la bomba 69004-001 69005-001 1 2 Juego del sello del eje 21009-001 21009-001 1 3 Juego del motor 69000-001 69001-001 1 4 Tapa del cuerpo de la bomba 28563-001 28564-001 1 5 Cesta filtrante (no se muestra) 28565-001 28566-001 1 No. de Ref. Descripcion WIP100PRO WIP150PRO Ctd. 4 Notas 2 15 Sp Operating Instructions and Parts Manual Installation (Continued) NOTE: Use an adhesive primer to ensure adhesive joints are secure. Suregard P-3000 has a purple tracer to qualify in areas where codes specify a primer must be used. Consider climatic conditions when applying adhesives. Atmospheric conditions with high humidity will make the adhesive action of certain glues less effective. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. THREADED CONNECTIONS Use only Teflon® tape or equivalent on threaded plumbing connections. Other pipe compounds may damage threads. Do not use silicone or petroleum based compounds. Do not overtighten. Hand tightening plus 1/2 turn is sufficient. PUMP PLUMBING Suction pipe should be as large or larger than discharge pipe. Avoid using a suction pipe smaller than pump connection. 1. Keep the piping as straight and short as possible, and of suitable size. 2. Do not connect an elbow directly into the pump inlet. A length of straight pipe will allow proper entry of the water to the pump. 3. Slope horizontal runs upward to the pump to prevent trapping air. 4. Use independent piping supports to alleviate strain on the pump. 5. Keep as much of the suction line as possible below the water level to reduce priming time. 6. Install valves and unions in the pump suction and return lines to facilitate servicing. Valves will throttle the pump discharge. Valves are also essential for pump maintenance if the system is installed below deck level. 7. Use a check valve in the suction pipe for inground pumps at or below the water level if the suction lift is more than 5 feet or the dry suction is more than 10 feet long. Keep the valve in the suction line fully open during operation. WIRING All wiring must be performed by a qualified electrician. The pump must be installed in compliance with all local codes and the National Electrical Code. ! WARNING When motor installation is within 5 ft. (1.5 m) of the pool’s interior walls, a solid copper bonding conductor (minimum size No. 8 AWG/8.4 mm2) should be connected from the accessible wire connector on the motor. • to all metal parts of the swimming pool • to all electrical equipment • to metal conduit • to metal piping within 5 ft. (1.5 m) of the pool’s interior walls Refer to information on motor nameplate for electrical service data. Install motors with a fused disconnect switch or dedicated circuit breaker. Be sure wire size is sufficient for pump HP and distance from power source. Install a ground fault circuit interrupter for maximum safety. Disconnect, tag, and lock out power source before attempting to install, service, relocate, or perform any maintenance. VOLTAGE SELECTOR This pump is factory wired for 230 volts. To change the voltage to 115 volts follow the steps below: 1. Disconnect the pump from power. 2. Remove cover from back of motor to find voltage selector (Figure 1a). 3. Pull selector knob out. 4. Rotate selector knob to correct voltage setting (Figure 1b). ! DANGER 5. Push selector knob back in place. 6. Reinstall cover to back of motor. Operation Prime pump before attempting to operate. To prime pumps located above water level, remove strainer cover, fill strainer body with water then replace cover. If pump and all piping is located below water level, the pump will self prime. After pump has been primed, open all suction and discharge line valves and energize motor. If no flow is observed in five minutes, stop the motor and reprime. If the pump fails to operate, check for air leaks. Refer to troubleshooting section. After about 10 minutes of operation, check the return fittings for air bubbles. A continuous flow of air indicates leaks in the suction line. Locate and correct any leaks immediately. CONTROLLING PUMP DISCHARGE Keep the gate valve in the suction line fully open during operation. To control the discharge, use a valve in the return line. Do not retighten lid during operation. Do not operate pump with closed suction or discharge valve. WATER CHEMISTRY Proper and consistent use of chemicals is necessary to manage a water system. Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical to provide clean, sanitary water. Daily administration of dry or liquid chlorine (calcium or sodium hypochlorite) is essential. IMPORTANT: Maintain the correct level of acidity or alkalinity of the pool water. Readings above pH 7.0 are alkaline. A pH 7.0 is neutral. Readings below pH 7.0 are acidic. A desirable range is 7.2 to 7.4. ! CAUTION ! CAUTION IMPORTANT: Use copper conductors only. L1 L2 LO HI Volt Figure 1a LO Volt HI 115 Volts 230 Volts Volt LO HI Figure 1b Manual de Instruciones de Operacion y Piezas Guia de Diagnostico de Averias Problema Posible(s) ...

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