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User manual Vitek, model VT-3535

Manafacture: Vitek
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manual abstract

In this mode, the display will scroll through the data from all the valid channels, each of which will be shown for 8 seconds. Press & hold Channel for 3 seconds again to disable this function. 5 3535.qxd 31.08.2004 10:01 Page 6 ENGLISH CLOCK & ALARM SETTING clock setting Modes are arranged in a circular pattern starting with clock: clock alarm clock high temperature alarm low temperature alarm 1. Press and hold MODE until time flashes 2. Select hour using HOUR 3. Select minute using MINUTE 4. Press AM/PM to toggle between 12 or 24 hour format 5. Press MODE to finish setting 2 alarm setting alarm setting a) Select alarm mode using MODE Select hour using HOUR Select minute using MINUTE In alarm mode, press ALARM to toggle alarm On and Off When alarm sounds, will flash 4 . Press SNOOZE to snooze the alarm for 5 minutes. After that the alarm will sound again. Press ANY other key will shut off the alarm. Without interruption, alarm will shut off automatically after one minute. b) c) d) e) f) WEATHER DISPLAY Check Local Temperature Local temperature displays instantly after batteries are inserted. Check Remote Temperature & Humidity a) Press CHANNEL to toggle between Channel 1, 2, 3 and 4. Temperature and humidity readings will alternate on the receiver. C or F Temperature Display b) Toggle between C and F by pressing C/F in clock mode. 6 3535.qxd 31.08.2004 10:01 Page 7 ENGLISH Min and Max Temperature c) Press MIN in Clock mode to display minimum temperature record d) Press MAX in Clock mode to display maximum temperature record Note: Min/Max temperature records are automatically cleared daily at 00:00 WEATHER DISPLAY temperature & humidity trend The trend indicator shows the trend of temperature and humidity determined by the particular transmitter in the past half-hour interval. Arrow Indicator Tr ~~ «A. Trend Rising Steady Falling weather report symbols The receiver is able to monitor and display the weather status based on collected data from Channel 1. Sunny Cloudy Raining Snowing Freeze Warning Weather Indicator 0 OR J J OR-ft- ap“ ^r1 //// /// * * * * * * «flashing snow> About Freeze Warning • Snow symbol will flash to warnof 'freezing'. • Activated when Channel 1's temperature is between -1.9 C and +2.9 C • Snow will appear solid ifand when Channel 1's temperature falls below -1.9 C. Note: • Initially, the weather will be cloudy • Remote transmitter Channel 1 will be used for weather indication. • If Channel 1 is empty, then weather will always be cloudy. • If Channel 1 has no humidity data, weather indication will always be cloudy, but freeze warning and snow indication will be available. 7 3535.qxd 31.08.2004 10:01 Page 8 ENGLISH TEMPERATURE ALARM The temperature alarm function allows you to have an alarm sound if the temperature rises above or drops below a particular set point. High temperature alarm 1. Select high temperature alarm * mode using MODE 2. Press DOWN or UP to set high 3. Temperature 4. Press MODE to finish setting Select channel (1, 2, 3, 4 or local) using CHANNEL -e- Low temperature alarm 1. Select low temperature alarm z mode using MODE 2. Press DOWN or UP to set low temperature 3. Press MODE to finish setting 4. Select channel (1, 2, 3, 4 or local) using CHANNEL -e- Once the high/low temperature alarm is set for a particular channel, * and/or z will appear on display for that channel. When alarm sounds, the sounding channel is displayed, and flashes to indicate whether it is the high or low temperature alarm. Press any button to shut off alarm. To clear high/low temperature alarm 1. Select high/low temperature alarm 2. Set point using MODE 3. Press ALARM to clear value 4. Press MODE to finish setting 8 3 53 5.qxd 31.08.2004 10:01 Page 9 ENGLISH OTHER FEATURES To view maximum temperature 1. Toggle between current and maximum temperature using MAX 2. Press CHANNEL to view the maximum temperature for other channels to view minimum temperature To view minimum temperature 1. Toggle between current and minimum temperature using MIN 2. Press CHANNEL to view the minimum temperature for other channels backlight illumination Backlight illumination 1. Press and hold MAX for 3 seconds to activate or deactivate backlight function 2. Beep sound indicates that backlight function has been turned on or off • Once activated, press any button will activate the backlight for 5 seconds 9 3535.qxd 31.08.2004 10:01 Page 10 ENGLISH TROUBLESHOOTING problem solution Temperature reading between the transmitter and receiver does not match. Re-synchronize receiver by holding CHANNEL for 3 seconds until a beep is heard. Temperature reading of the outdoor transmitter seems too high. Ensure the transmitter is out of direct sunlight, and away from sources of heat. -e- Receiver is no longer receiving the transmitter signals or the display reads “Lo”. SPECIFICATIONS Weather Station Receiver Battery Type: Temp. Ra...


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