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User manual Vitek, model VT-3542 SR

Manafacture: Vitek
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manual abstract

BATTERY COMPARTMENTS Accommodates two UM-3 or “AA” size 1.5V batteries K. REMOVABLE TABLE STAND For standing the main unit on a flat surface e H. UP (5) BUTTON e 3 3542.qxd 15.07.05 10:37 Pag. Page 4 J ENGLISH MAIN FEATURES: REMOTE UNIT -e- A. LED INDICATOR Flashes once when the remote unit transmits a reading Flashes twice when low battery is detected on sensor unit B. BATTERY COMPARTMENT Accommodates two AA-size batteries C. RESET BUTTON Press to reset all setting if you have selected different channel. D. CHANNEL SELECTOR Select the channel before you install batteries. E. WALL-MOUNT RECESSED HOLE Supports the remote until in wall-mounting F. °C/ °F BUTTON 4 -e- 3542.qxd 15.07.05 10:37 Pag- Page 5 J ENGLISH BEFORE YOU BEGIN For best operation, 1. Insert batteries for remote units before doing so for the main unit. 2. Position the remote unit and main unit within effective transmission range, which, in usual circumstances, is 20 to 30 meters. Note: that the effective range is vastly affected by the building materials and where the main and remote units are positioned. Try various set-ups for best result. Though the remote units are weather proof, they should be placed away from direct sunlight, rain or snow. BATTERY INSTALLATION: REMOTE UNIT 1. Remove the screws on the battery compartment. 2. Select the channel 3. Install 2 batteries (UM-3 or “AA” size 1.5V) strictly according to the polarities shown. 4. Replace the battery compartment door and secure its screws. BATTERY INSTALLATION: MAIN UNIT 1. Open the battery compartment door. 2. Install 2 batteries (UM-3 or “AA” size 1.5V) strictly according to the polarities shown. 3. Replace the battery compartment door. LOW BATTERY WARNING When it is time to replace batteries, the respective low-battery indicator [ ] will show up on the indoor or outdoor temperature. HOW TO USE THE TABLE STAND OR WALL MOUNTING The main unit has a removable table stand, which when connected, can support the unit on a flat surface. Or you can remove the stand and mount the unit on a wall using the recessed screw hole. GETTING STARTED Once batteries are in place for the remote unit, they will start transmitting temperature readings at around 45 seconds intervals. The main unit will also start searching for signals for about two minutes once batteries are installed. Upon successful reception, the outdoors temperatures will be displayed. The main unit will automatically update its readings at about 45-second intervals. If no signals are received, blanks “ •' ” will be displayed. Hold [▼ ] for 2 seconds to enforce another search for about 2 minutes. This is useful in synchronizing the transmission and reception of the remote and main units. Repeat this step whenever you find discrepancies between the reading shown on the main unit and that on the remote unit. 5 -e- 3542.qxd 15.07.05 10:37 Pag- Page 6 J ENGLISH HOW TO CHECK REMOTE AND INDOOR TEMPERATURES The wave display on the outdoors temperature indicates the reception of the remote unit is in good order. If no readings are received from the remote unit for more than two minutes, blanks “ •' ” will be displayed until further readings are successfully searched. Check the remote unit is sound and secure. You can wait for a little while or Hold [ ▼ ] for 2 seconds to enforce an immediate search. If the temperature goes above or below than the temperature measuring range of the main unit or the remote unit (stated in specification), the display will show “ •' ”. HOW TO READ THE KINETIC WAVE DISPLAY The kinetic wave display shows the signal receiving status of the main unit. There are three possible forms: The unit is in searching mode. • • Temperature readings are securely registered. No signals. -c MAXIMUM AND MINIMUM TEMPERATURES The maximum and minimum recorded indoor temperature, outdoor temperatures will be automatically stored in memory. To display them, Press [ MEM ] once to display the maximum readings and again the minimum readings. The respective indicators, [ MAX ] or [ MIN ] will be displayed. To clear the memory, hold down [ MEM ] for two seconds. The maximum and minimum readings will be erased. If you press [ MEM ] now, the maximum and minimum readings will have the same values as the current ones until different readings are recorded. TEMPERATURE TREND The trend indicator shows the trend of temperatures collected at that particular remote sight. Three trends: rising, steady, and falling will be shown. Arrow indicator 3 a a Temperature Trend Rising Steady Falling 6 3542.qxd 15.07.05 10:37 Pag- Page 7 J ENGLISH WEATHER FORECAST The unit is capable of detecting atmospheric pressure changes. Based on collected data, it can predict the weather for the forthcoming^ to 24 hours. Indicator displays on the unit Forecast Sunny Slightly Cloudy Cloudy Indicator displays on the unit Forecast little Rainy Heavy Rainy -e- NOTE: ...


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