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User manual Vitek, model VT-6401 BK

Manafacture: Vitek
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manual abstract

(°C/°F) 11 - Display BACKLIGHT switcher (Auto/High/Low/Off) 12 - AC adapter jack (6 V DC) 13 - Battery compartment (for 3 batteries of “AAA” type (1,5 V)) 3 6401IM.indd 3 English Remote temperature and humidity sensor 1. LED 2. Battery compartment (for 2 batteries of “AAA” type). 3. Sensor reset button after changing channel number Tx 4. Button for witching between Fahrenheit/Celsius scales C/F 5. Channel switcher (1-2-3) 6. Opening for mounting the unit on a wall Safety Precautions 1. Read this operation manual carefully before you start using these appliances. 2. Do not immerse these appliances into water. 3. Do not use abrasive chemicals for cleaning these appliances, as they could cause housing and internal parts damage. 4. Do not expose these appliances to strong physical impacts and strikes (dust and moisture are dangerous too) as they may cause malfunctions, shorten time of service, battery damage, and housing details deformation as result. 5. Do not disassemble this unit, doing so leads to warranty cancellation. There are no serviceable parts inside demanding user’s attention. 6. Use new batteries only, meeting the specifications of operating manual exactly. Do not install old and new batteries at the same time. 7. Use only AC adapter included into delivery set. Before you begin Install remote sensor within the range of effective data transfer, as close to basic block as possible. Locate basic and remote sensors at places where the interference is minimal to provide the best data transmission. Take into account that data transfer range of remote sensor depends upon constructional material of partition walls and their number in the room. Try several variants of installation. In spite of the fact that remote sensor is protected against negative weather it is required to install it thus to avoid exposure to direct sun radiation, rain or snow. Household appliances (doorbell, signaling, etc) may create interference while receiving signal from sensor by the main block. This is normal, and this doesn’t influence on the general performance of the appliances. Signal receives and data transfer would be resumed immediately after temporary interference is over. 4 07.04.2008 12:35:47 01IM.indd 4 English Installation of batteries into remote sensor 1. Turn off the screws on the batteries compartment. 2. Select data transfer channel by channels switcher «1-2-3». 3. Install 2 batteries (“AAA”, 1.5 V), following polarity. 4. Close battery compartment cover and turn up the screws. Connecting AC-power adapter to basic block/ Installation of batteries into basic block. Connect AC-power adapter (6,0V; DC) to basic block through the jack for an external power source located below the batteries compartment. or 2. Open the cover of batteries compartment. 3. Install three batteries (“AAA”, 1.5 V), following polarity. 4. Close battery compartment cover. Note: Basic block is intended for power supply from external source, batteries are used as reserve power source. Replacing Batteries On appearance of adequate icon indications displaying that the batteries are down replace remote sensor batteries. Get Started By first startup, switch main block on, and switch on remote sensor. Set data transfer channel by channel switcher «1-2-3» located on remote sensor. Hold button CHANNEL on main block, you will hear sound signal. Main block starts searching remote sensor signal. Pres button Tx to reset the sensor. When connection between sensor and main block is set on, temperature and humidity indications from remote sensor will appear on LCD. Setting pressure parameters by switching on the unit first time 1. After connecting basic block to power supply line pressure units’ icon starts blinking. Use buttons «▼/▲»to select pressure units, inHg, hPa, mBar or mmHg. Press button PRESSURE for confirmation. 2. Use buttons «▼/▲» to set the value of altitude above sea level. Press button PRESSURE for confirmation. Setting pressure parameters via first startup is imperative for precise weather forecast. 5 6401IM.indd 5 07.04.2008 12:35:47 01IM.indd 6 English Symbolic weather forecast Weather forecast is composed according to atmosphere pressure time history. Based on acquired data weather station is able predicting weather for the next 12-24 hours. Predictions accuracy: 70%; prediction of the considerable weather changes (for example, from sunny weather to rain) is more accurate then prediction of negligible weather changes (from partly cloudy to cloudiness). Weather station predicts possible weather, thus symbols could not agree with current weather. Forecast: SUNNY for night means cloudless sky. For more precise weather forecast it is required setting altitude above sea level. Use buttons «▼/▲» to choose pressure units. Press button PRESSURE for confirmation. Use buttons «▼/▲» to set altitude above sea level. Press button PRESSURE for confirmation. Attention! If your weather station is...


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