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User manual Vitek, model VT-3505

Manafacture: Vitek
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File name: Vitek-VT-3505-Pdf-Rus.Pdf
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manual abstract

Энтузиастов, 1В ул. Донбасская, д.,1 ул. Фрунзе, д, 22 пер. Островского, 124 15 Советский пер., 4а Загребский б-р. 3! ул. Мичурина, 15, ул. Радищеве, 55 ул.Красная, 12/2 пр-т Ленине, 77 ул. Софьи Перовской, 37 (магазин Юбилейный) ул. Сутырине, д.. 5 пр-т 50-летия Октября. Э ул. Красина. 41 ул.Стоял эя, 19 ул. Брестская, 7 ул. Морозова, 169 ул. Вишневского, 14 Космический пр-т, 97А, к (3612) 34-04-96 (0912)44-63-17 (0812)61-88-00 (8152)45-50-31 (8632) 39-93-29 (8452) 51-41-99 (8332) 37-20-78 (35372) 1-45-99 р. Тракторостроителей, 24 (Дмитрий Вершинин) (0855) 20-14-04 (3532) 82-77-01 (6212)27-14-71 (8312)19-41-08/10 (8834) 46-47-54 (3919)53-98-41 Получить информацию о других сервисных центрах Вы можете у продавца или по адресу в Интернет: 14 ENGLISH LOCATION OF CONTROLS 1. Snooze set button 2. Alarm set /off button 3. Time set button 4. Sleep set button 5. Hour set button 6. Minute set button 7. LED display 8. Band switch 9. Dial scale 10. Tuning control 11. Battery door 12. AC Power cord 13. FM antenna wire 14. ON/OFF Volume control (Buzz) 15. Alarm of indication 16. Function switch (ON/OFF/AVTO) HELPFUL OPERATING GUIDE This Electronic Clock-Radio should be operated on AC current only. Your Clock Radio has a built-in antenna for FM reception. The small, flexible wire on the back of the set is the FM antenna. For best reception, extend this wire to its full length. TO PLAY RADIO 1. Slide the FUNCTION SWITCH to “ON” position. 3 3505 -2.qxd 09.07.03 12:34 Page 4 -Q- ENGLISH 2. Slide the BAND SWITCH to the band of your choice. 3. Select a station by rotating the TUNING CONTROL. 4. Adjust the VOLUME CONTROL to your listening preference. 6. To turn radio off, slide the FUNCTION SWITCH to “OFF” position. 7. Alarm on indications. A gloving dot appears in the right left hand corner of the display indicating that the alarm has been set to operate. TO SET THE CORRECT TIME 1. With one finger, push down and hold the TIME SET button. 2. With another finger, push down and hold the MINUTE SET button until the correct minute setting is reached. Release the push button to stop the forward movement. TO SET THE WAKE-UP ALARM TIME Holdin...


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