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2. Complete Chronograph function. 3. Date function (on some models). 4. Tachymeter (on some models). This diagram will simplify following the step - by - step setting sequence. Note: The watch crown has three specific setting positions. See diagram. Once the watch is properly set, except for date variations or time zone changes, adjustment is rarely, if ever, required. The push buttons designated as “A” (at the 2 o’clock position) and “B”(at the 4 o’clock position) control the chronograph functi

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This warranty applies to watches purchased in the United States. For watches purchased outside the United States, please contact your authorized Freestyle® dealer for warranty information. If your watch requires servicing not covered under our warranty (battery, crystal, strap/bracelet/band, watch case plating), or refurbishing, complete the return form (next column) and return with your watch. Visit our website at: 8R02-SLO254A-NON INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchasing the Easy-Set Wa