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User manual Fisher-Price, model T4144

Manafacture: Fisher-Price
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Use only on a fl oor. • Suffocation Hazard - Never use on a soft surface (bed, sofa, cushion) since the product can tip over and cause suffocation in soft surfaces. • Always use restraint system. • Never leave child unattended. • Never use as a car seat. • Not recommended for children who can sit up by themselves (6 months approximately, until 9 kg/20lb). • Never use toy bar as a handle. • Never use as a carrier or lift while child is seated. • Please read these instructions before assembly and use of this product. • Adult assembly is required. Tool needed for assembly: Phillips Screwdriver (not included). • Requires one "D" (LR20) alkaline battery (not included) for soothing unit operation. Requires two (LR44) alkaline button cell batteries for toy operation. • Product features and decorations may vary from photographs. Great Britain: Vanwall Business Park, Maidenhead SL6 4UB. Helpline: 01628 500303. Australia: Mattel Australia Pty. Ltd., 658 Church Street, Locked Bag #870, Richmond, Victoria 3121 Australia. Consumer Advisory Service 1300 135 312. New Zealand: 16-18 William Pickering Drive, Albany 1331, Auckland. Asia: Mattel East Asia Ltd, Room 1106, South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, Tsimshatsui, HK, China. Malaysia: Diimport & Diedarkan Oleh: Mattel SEA Ptd Ltd. (993532-P) Lot 13.5, 13th Floor, Menara Lien Hoe, Persiaran Tropicana Golf Country Resort, 47410 PJ. Tel: +603-3341 9052. Mattel Europa, B.V., Gondel 1, 1186 MJ Amstelveen, Nederland. CAUTION This package contains small parts in its unassembled state. Adult assembly is required. Fisher Price, Inc., a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc., East Aurora, NY 14052 U.S.A. ©2009 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ® and ™ designate U.S. trademarks of Mattel, Inc. PRINTED IN CHINA T4144pr-0726 2 Parts Assembly IMPORTANT! Please remove all parts from the package and identify IMPORTANT! Before assembly and each use, inspect this product them before assembly. Some parts may be packed in the pad. for damaged hardware, loose joints, missing parts or sharp edges. DO NOT use if any parts are missing or broken. Contact Fisher-Price® for replacement parts and instructions if needed. Never substitute parts. Pad Retainer Body Support Left Base Wire Base Tube 2 Feet Right Base Wire Seat Back Tube Footrest Retainer Toy Bar Note: Screw shown actual size. Tighten or loosen all screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Do not over-tighten the screws. M5 x 20 mm Screw – 4 1 Right Base Wire Base Tube Left Base Wire • Place the base tube on a flat surface. • Position the left and right base wires as shown. • Fit the left base wire and right base wire into the base tube. 2 Non-Skid Surface • Position the feet with the non-skid surface is down. • Fit the feet on the base tube, as shown. 3 Assembly 3 • Insert a screw through each foot and tighten. 4 Base Wires Footrest • Position the footrest so that the soothing unit is upright. • Fit the footrest onto the ends of the base wires. 5 Seat Back Tube 6 Retainer Socket Up • Fit the seat back tube onto the ends of the base wire. • Push the seat back tube to be sure it is completely on the base wires. • Fit a retainer to the outside of the seat back tube, as shown. Make sure the socket in the retainer is upright. • Insert a screw through the hole in the seat back tube, base wire and into the inside of the retainer. • Repeat this procedure to assemble the other retainer to the other side of the seat back tube. • Pull the seat back tube up to be sure it is secure. If you can remove either end of the seat back tube, you have not assembled the retainers correctly. Remove the screws, re-read and repeat Assembly steps 5 and 6. 4 5 Assembly 7 • Position the pad above the frame. • Fit the upper pocket on the back of the pad onto the seat back tube. • Lift the footrest. Fit the lower pocket on the back of the pad onto the footrest. Pad Lower Pocket 8 Retainers • Fit the retainers through the side openings in the pad. • Fit the edges of the soothing unit through the large opening in the front of the pad. Soothing Unit 11 • Press the body support strap to the fastener on the back of the pad. Hint: You can move the body support up or down for your baby's comfort. 10 Toy Bar Plugs Sockets • Insert and “snap” the toy bar plugs into each retainer socket. Hint: The toy bar is removable. Press the ends of the latches and lift the toy bar. Pad Seat Back Pocket Battery Installation Battery Safety Information Hint: We recommend using an alkaline battery for longer battery life. +– 1,5V “D” (LR20) 1 Protect the environment by not disposing of this product with household waste (2002/96/EC). Check your local authority for recycling advice and facilities (Europe only). B A A • Pull to remove the pad from around the retainers and the soothing unit A . • Remove the pad bottom pocket from the footrest B . 2 • Loosen the screw in the battery compartment door. Remove the battery compartment door. • Insert one “D” (LR20) alkaline battery...


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