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User manual Cornelius, model WV 50

Manafacture: Cornelius
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If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. Connecting To Power Supply The Wine Vault’s power cord is equipped with a plug which fits into any standard socket with grounded connection, to prevent any risk of shock. Have the power outlet checked by a qualified electrician to make sure it is actually grounded. If this is not the case, you must have it replaced with a socket which is suitably grounded. If the power cord is damaged, have it replaced by a qualified electrician to prevent any risk. If the wall socket is not equipped with an grounded connection, it is your responsibility and your duty to have it replaced with a suitably grounded wall socket, if the plug does not match your socket, you may have another fitted. Note 1. For your safety, Wine Vault must be correctly grounded 2. New electrical cables and plugs should be fitted by a qualified electrician. 3 Your Wine Vault Your Wine Vault 1. Removable Top Plate for installations under cabinets 2. Digital Control Panel for Dual Zone Temperature Settings 3. Durable Wine Vault Cabinet Construction 4. Sliding Shelf 5. Storage Shelf 6. Front Ventilation Base 7. Four Adjustable Feet 8. Hinge 9. Activated Charcoal Filter 10. Door 11. Free Ventilation Hole 4 Installation Installation When you unpack your Wine Vault, make sure the unit is in perfect conditon by inspecting the unit from all angles. If the unit is damaged in any way, contact Amcor within 24 hours of receiving the unit. Check your unit to make sure you have all the parts: Wine Vault Parts List By Model WV-50 WV-100 WV-150 1- Wine Vault Cabinet 1- Wine Vault Cabinet 1- Wine Vault Cabinet 3- Wooden Shelves 5- Wooden Shelves 8- Wooden Shelves 1- Metal Handle Assembly Bag with 2 Keys 1- Metal Handle Assembly Bag with 2 Keys 1- Metal Handle Assembly Bag with 2 Keys 1- Carbon Filter Assembly Bag 1- Carbon Filter Assembly Bag 1- Carbon Filter Assembly Bag 1- Owners Manual 1- Owners Manual 1- Owners Manual If you wish to install your cabinet under a worktop, you will need to remove the top plate which is fixed from underneath by two front screws in the hinges and two screws behind in the angle brackets. Keep the two front screws if you wish to encase the unit under a worktop so as to fix it to the existing worktop (see diagrams page 4). Move the cabinet to where you want to install it. Make sure the place selected is: • Away from any source of heat • Not too damp (laundry room, utility room, bathroom, etc.) • On a stable level surface • Equipped with a power point (standard socket, rated voltage, 16A, connected to earth) Make sure the On/Off switch located on the right of the control panel is in the off position. Take out the power cord and connect it as shown in section 3. Check the power point supply (fuses in, fuse amperage, circuit breaker working. You can if you wish use another appliance to check the power supply.) Adjust the four feet underneath the cabinet (screwing them up or unscrewing them) so that your cabinet is level (it is advisable to use a spirit level). Slide the cabinet into its final position, leaving a space of between .75" and 2.25" between the wall and the rear wall of the cabinet, for installation under a worktop, fix the cabinet to the worktop using two screws in the top hinges (see page 6). Do not obstruct the front ventilation grille. If Wine Vault is installed under countertop or in cabinet, it is recommended that a ventilation hole be cut to allow for proper ventillation of the unit. A flush mount grill may be used in this case to prevent large objects from falling down vent opening. See diagram on page 6. The Wine Vault should be installed in a place where the ambient temperature is between 72-78°F. If the ambient temperature is above or below recommended temperatures, the performance of the unit may be affected. For example, placing your unit in extreme cold or hot conditions may cause interior temperatures to fluctuate. The range of 40-65°F may not be reached. Remove protective shipping materials from inside the Wine Vault. Remove the protective paper from the charcoal filte...

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