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User manual GE Monogram, model ZDWI240

Manafacture: GE Monogram
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Pull the small slide sub-assembly completely forward. 3. Insert the sides of the drawer back into the guides. 4. Push until the tabs lock into place. Appearance may vary Sub-assembly Sub-assembly To replace, push drawer slide Pull small slide sub- arm back into unit assembly completely forward NOTE: Make sure the tabs on the full extension drawer guides are fully engaged before loading any bottles. Pull the drawers out all the way to the STOP position and push back in several times to make sure locking tabs are properly engaged. Controls and Features Wine Reserve Insert wine The top five full extension drawers each The bottom two full extension drawers hold hold eight bottles, two deep with the necks six bottles each and are loaded with necks bottles alternating front to back or nine bottles, facing the rear. Tall bottles should not be alternating with necks pointing inward. loaded on the bottom drawer because they may prevent the door from closing. 8 bottle arrangement 9 bottle arrangementBottom drawer Loading tips and suggestions • The bottles on the top full extension drawer, directly under the light, will be exposed to a slightly higher temperature when the light is on. Position your wines accordingly and remember to turn off the light when it is no longer needed. • Keep wines that you plan to use for everyday drinking and entertaining on the front half of the full extension drawers where labels are completely visible. Place wines for aging or longer term storage in the rear. • Do not allow children to climb, stand or hang on the wine reserve full extension drawers. They could seriously injure themselves and possibly cause damage to the wine reserve. • In general, temperatures at the bottom of the cabinet will be cooler than temperatures at the top of the cabinet. • Position your wine inventory accordingly (i.e., white wines in the cooler zones and red wines in the warmer zones). Wood drawer fronts The full extension drawer fronts on the wine reserve are unfinished cherry wood. During use, oil from hands may accumulate and stain the wood. • The drawer fronts may be stained and sealed to match adjacent cabinetry. The tinted glass will make the stained wood appear darker. A true color match can be seen only when the door is opened. • Apply the stain and sealer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To avoid unpleasant odor, keep the door open to ventilate and allow the stain/sealer to dry completely before using the product. NOTE: Natural wood may vary slightly in grain and color. Care and Cleaning Wine Reserve For your Unplug the wine reserve before cleaning. If the unit is in a built-in location, remove power at the circuit breaker. safety Cleaning the inside Unplug the wine reserve before cleaning. If the unit is in a built-in location, remove power at the circuit breaker. Use a slightly damp cloth or sponge when cleaning around switches, lights or controls. Use warm water and baking soda solution— about a tablespoon (15 ml) of baking soda to a quart (1 liter) of water. This both cleans and neutralizes odors. Thoroughly rinse and wipe dry. Other parts of the wine reserve center unit—including the door gaskets, and full extension drawers—can be cleaned the same way. Drain hole Appearance may vary Drain hole Periodically check the drain hole and channel for any debris. If the drain is blocked, condensation will not drain properly. To check and clean the drain hole, remove the third and fourth drawers (see instructions on Removing full extension drawers). Sweep a damp cloth along the channel in the back of the wine reserve. Use a finger to sweep away any debris from the drain hole. Cleaning the outside The exterior surfaces can be washed with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. Never use abrasive scouring powders. Do not use scouring pads, powdered cleaners, bleach or cleaners containing bleach because these products can scratch and damage the finish. Warranty does not cover damage due to improper cleaning methods. Glass door Use a glass cleaner or mild soap and water and a soft cloth to clean the glass door. Do not use any abrasive powders. Avoid cleaning cold glass with hot water because the extreme temperature difference may cause it to break. Rough handling of tempered glass can cause it to shatter. Door gasket The vinyl gasket may be cleaned with mild soap and water, a baking soda solution or a mild scouring powder. Rinse well. After cleaning the door gasket, apply a thin layer of paraffin wax or petroleum jelly to the door gasket at the hinge side. This helps keep the gasket from sticking and bending out of shape. 11 Care and Cleaning Wine Reserve For your Unplug the wine reserve before cleaning. If the unit is in a built-in location, remove power at the circuit breaker. safety Light bulb Unplug the wine reserve before replacing To remove the light shield, push in the tab the light bulb. If the unit is in a built-in on the left side of the shield and lower it. replacement ...

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