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User manual Bosch, model HBA63B250A/45

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Do not change the end time if the cooking time has already started to elapse. The cooking result would no longer be correct. Cancelling the end time Use the A button to reset the end time to the current time. After a few seconds, the change is adopted. The oven starts. If the timer has been set, first press the 0 button twice. Checking the time settings If several time-setting options are set, the relevant symbols are illuminated on the display. The symbol for the time-setting option that is visible in the display is shown in brackets. To call up the U timer, r cooking time, p end time or 0 clock, press the 0 button repeatedly until the brackets are around the relevant symbol. The display shows the value for a few seconds. Clock After the appliance is connected or following a power cut, the 0 symbol and four zeros light up in the display. Set the clock. 1. Press the 0 button. The time 12:00 is shown in the display. 2. Use the @ or A button to set the clock. After a few seconds, the time that has been set is adopted. Changing the clock No other time-setting option should have been set. 1. Press the 0 button four times. The time symbols light up in the display and the brackets are around 0. 2. Use the @ or A button to change the clock. After a few seconds, the time that has been set is adopted. Hiding the clock You can hide the clock. For more information, please refer to the section Changing the basic settings. Childproof lock The oven has a childproof lock to prevent children switching it on accidentally. The oven will not react to any settings. The timer and clock can also be set when the childproof lock has been activated. Activating the childproof lock The function selector must be on the zero setting. Press and hold the D button for approx. four seconds. The D symbol appears in the display. The childproof lock is activated. Deactivating the childproof lock Press and hold the D button for approx. four seconds. The D symbol goes out in the display. The childproof lock is deactivated. Changing the basic settings Your oven has various basic settings. These settings can be customised to suit your requirements. Basic setting Selection 0 Selection 1 Selection 2 Selection 3 c0 Brightness of the display lighting - night medium day* c1 Signal duration upon completion of a cooking time or timer period - approx. 10 seconds approx. 2 minutes* approx. 5 minutes c2 Clock display only when in operation always* - - c3 Waiting time until a setting is applied - approx. 2 seconds approx. 5 seconds* approx. 10 seconds c5 Telescopic shelves retrofitted no* yes - - c6 Reset all values to the factory settings no* yes - - * Factory setting The oven must be switched off. 1. Press and hold the 0 button for approx. 4 seconds. The current basic setting for signal duration is shown in the display, e. g. c1 2 for selection 2. 2. Use the @ or A button to change the basic setting. 3. Confirm by pressing the 0 button. The next basic setting appears in the display. You can scroll through all levels with the 0 button and change the setting with the @ or A button. 4. To finish, press and hold the 0 button for approx. 4 seconds. All basic settings are applied. You may change the basic settings at any time. Automatic switch-off If you do not change the settings on your appliance for several hours, automatic switch- off is activated. The oven stops heating. The point at which this occurs depends on the temperature or grill setting that has been set. Automatic switch-off is activated A signal sounds. F8 appears in the display. The oven stops heating. Turn the function selector to the off position. The oven switches off. Overriding automatic switch- off So that automatic switch- off is not activated when it is not wanted, you can set a time period. The oven will heat until this period has expired. Self-cleaning During self-cleaning, the oven heats up to approx. 500 . This burns off residues from roasting, grilling or baking and you only need to wipe the ashes from the cooking compartment. You can choose from three cleaning levels. Level Degree of cleaning Cooking time 1 gentle approx. 1 hour, 15 minutes 2 medium approx. 1 hour, 30 minutes 3 intensive approx. 2 hours The heavier and older the dirt, the higher the cleaning level should be. It is sufficient to clean the cooking compartment every two to three months. If required, you can clean the oven more frequently than this. A cleaning cycle requires only approx. 2.5 - 4.7 kilowatt hours. Important notes For your safety, the oven door locks automatically. The oven door cannot be opened again until the cooking compartment has cooled slightly and the padlock symbol for the locking mechanism disappears. The oven light in the cooking compartment does not come on during Self-cleaning. : Risk of burns! ¦ The cooking compartment will become very hot during the Self-cleaning cycle. Never open the appliance door or move the locking latch by hand. Allow the appliance to cool down. Keep children at a safe...

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