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User manual Magnavox, model ZV450MW8A

Manafacture: Magnavox
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manual abstract

Continue with the step 4 in “Manual Clock Setting” on page 30 before setting a timer programming. • Use [s / B] to move the cursor to the left and the right in the entry screen for the timer programming. • If a basic recording or one-touch timer recording is in progress on one component (e.g., VCR) and the timer recording set for the other component (e.g., DVD) is about to begin, the unit automatically switches to the programmed channel for timer recording 2 minutes before the programmed starting time, and the recording in progress (for VCR) will be canceled UNLESS their recording channels are the same. If their recording channels are the same, the timer recording will start without canceling the recording currently in progress. In this case, the recording of the same channel will be made on both DVD and VCR. • Cancel the timer-standby mode by pressing [TIMER SET] before operation for either DVD or VCR. When finished operating, press [TIMER SET] to resume the timer-standby mode. • In the timer-standby mode, you can turn on the power and use the component (VCR or DVD) which is not currently timer-programmed. STANDBY-ON DTV/TV ABCDEF.@/: JKLMNOGHITUVWXYZSPACECLEAR SETUPDISC MENU RETURNTITLE CHANNEL TIMERREC MODE AUDIOREC RAPID PLAYCM SKIP PQRSSOURCE +-- B CF gh DISPLAY OPEN/CLOSE I A VCR DVD D.DUBBING TIMERSETABC DEF.@/: JKL MNOGHI TUV WXYZ SPACE PQRS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 0 9 SETUP p o OK Bs TIMER SET TIMER . iij Guide to Timer Programming Display Timer Programming 1/1 MON JAN/01 11:00AMSP (1:00) JAN/ 2/07 12:00 AM 125.1 SP Date Start End CH JAN/02 12:00AM 1:00AM DTV125. 1 New Program 1 5 3 4 2 6 1 Title of a timer program (Contains date, time, channel, recording mode of the program) 2 Current date and time 3 Recording mode, and length of the recording 4 Timer program list 5 Total number of pages and current page (2 pages maximum) 6 Recording media (“ ” (DVD) or “ ” (VCR)) 1 1 Press [TIMER]. 2 2 Use [K / L] to select “New Program”, then press [OK]. Timer Programming MON JAN/01 11:00AM Date Start End CH New Program • If there are 6 or more programs, use [H / G] to change pages. 3 3 Use [K / L] to enter the date, then press [B]. Date JAN/02 REC To Mode DVD SP SP 2 : 00 Start - - : - End - - : - CH DTV125. 1 Daily MON-SAT JAN/01 JAN/31 MON-FRI SAT FRI SUN p p p p p p p p When pressing [L] at the current date, the date will change as follows. e.g.) January 1st Instructions continue on the next page. EN ENEN 41 Introduction Connections Basic Setup Recording Playback EditingFunction VCR Functions Others Espanol TIMER RECORDING 4 4 Use [K / L / s / B] or [the Number buttons] to enter the start and end time, then press [B]. Date JAN/02 REC To Mode DVD SP SP 2 : 00 Start End - - : - CH DTV125. 1 12 : 00AM 5 5 Use [K / L / s / B] to select analog (“- - -”) / digital (“DTV”) mode or external input (E1 / E2), then press [B]. e.g.) external input mode Date JAN/02 REC To Mode DVD SP SP 1 : 00 Start End CH E1 1 : 00AM12 : 00AM To record from external input (e.g., cable/ satellite box), select E1 or E2. Use [K / L] or [the Number buttons] to select the channel number to record, then press [B]. For digital mode, select both major and minor channels. Refer to “How to select a channel number for the timer recording” on page 43 for more details. e.g.) analog mode Date JAN/02 REC To Mode DVD SP SP 1 : 00 Start End CH 10 1 : 00AM12 : 00AM e.g.) digital mode Date JAN/02 REC To Mode DVD SP SP 1 : 00 Start End CH DTV125. 1 1 : 00AM12 : 00AM 6 6 Use [K / L] to select the recording media (“DVD” or “VCR”), then press [B]. e.g.) recording to DVD Date JAN/02 REC To Mode DVD SP SP 1 : 00 Start 12 : 00AM End 1 : 00AM DTV125. 1 CH 7 7 Use [ Date JAN/02 REC To ModeDVD SP 1 : 00 Start EndCH DTV125. 1 1 : 00AM12 : 00AM SPK / L] to select a recording mode. Refer to “Recording Mode” on page 37. • When recording to DVD, you can check the remaining recordable space of the disc when you select the recording mode. Date JAN/02 REC To Mode DVD SP 1 : 00 Start End CH DTV125. 1 1 : 00AM12 : 00AM SP Auto recording mode select... When “Auto” is selected as a recording mode, the unit calculates how much time is available on the disc and selects the best recording mode available automatically to complete recording the program. Date JAN/02 REC To Mode DVD Auto 1 : 00 Start End CH DTV125. 1 1 : 00AM12 : 00AM Auto • “Auto” is only available for one program in the timer program list. • The recording may be cut short when the available recording space of the disc is too limited. 8 8 Press [OK] when all items are entered. Your program setting is now stored. • To set another program, repeat steps 2 to 8. • To exit, press [TIMER] or [SETUP]. • When 2 or more programs are overlapped, “Timer program overlapped” appears, and the overlapped program will be displayed in blue. • To correct the timer program refer to “Checking, canceling, or correcting the timer programming information” on page 43. 9 9 Press [TIMER SET] to set a timer programming. will appear on the front panel...


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