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User manual Sony, model DSC-W350

Manafacture: Sony
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manual abstract

The leftmost face is selected as the priority face, and the frame changes from to an orange frame ( ). 2Each time you press z, the priority face moves one face to the right. Press z repeatedly until the orange frame ( ) is on the face you want to select. 3To cancel the face selection (Off), move the orange frame to the rightmost face, then press z again. • It may not be possible to detect the selected face correctly depending on the surrounding brightness, the subject’s hairstyle, etc. In this case, select the face again under the conditions where the image will be shot. • When the Smile Shutter function is used with the Face Detection frame selected, Smile Detection is performed only on the selected face. • You cannot select the priority face in Easy Shooting mode or when the self-timer is set to [Selfportrait One Person] or [Self-portrait Two People]. Face Priority Frame Off 64GB contents Operation Search MENU/Search Index DRO In Program Auto, the camera analyzes the shooting scene and automatically corrects the brightness and contrast to improve the image quality. DRO stands for “Dynamic Range Optimizer,” a function that automatically optimizes the difference between light and dark parts of an image. 1MENU t (DRO) t desired mode (Off) Does not adjust. (DRO standard) Adjusts the brightness and contrast of the images automatically. (DRO plus) Adjusts image brightness and contrast automatically and strongly. Notes • Depending on shooting conditions, it may not be possible to obtain correction effects. • Only [ISO AUTO] or values from [ISO 80] to [ISO 800] can be set for the ISO value when [DRO plus] is set. 65GB contents Operation Search MENU/Search Index Anti Blink When Scene Selection is set to (Soft Snap) while you are shooting an image, the camera automatically shoots two images consecutively. The camera will select, display and record the image which the eyes are not blinked automatically. 1MENU t (Anti Blink) t desired mode (Auto) When Face Detection is active, the Anti Blink function operates so that images with the subject’s eyes open are recorded. (Off) Does not use the Anti Blink function. Notes • [Anti Blink] does not function in the following situations: – When using the flash – When Burst mode is selected – When the Face Detection function does not work – When the Smile Shutter function is activated • Sometimes the Anti Blink function does not work depending on the situation. • When the Anti Blink function is set to [Auto] but only images with the subject’s eyes closed are recorded, the message “Blinked eye detected” is displayed on the LCD screen. Shoot again as necessary. 66GB contents Operation Search MENU/Search Index zOn Easy Viewing mode In Easy Mode, only the deletion function is available. • [View Mode] is set to [Date View] when using a memory card. (Delete) button You can delete the currently displayed image. Select [OK] t z. MENU button You can delete the currently displayed image with [1 image] and delete all images in the selected date range or the internal memory (if selected) with [All]. Select [Exit Easy Mode] t [OK] to exit Easy Mode. Easy Mode (DSC-W350/W350D/ W360 only) When you see still images, the text size increases and indicators become easier to see (Easy Viewing). 1 Press the (Playback) button to set to playback mode. 2 MENU t (Easy Mode) t [OK] t z on the control button Notes • The battery charge is used up more quickly because the screen brightness increases automatically. • The shooting mode also changes to [Easy Mode]. 67GB contents Operation Search MENU/Search Index Slideshow Images are automatically played back in succession. 1Press the (Playback) button to switch to playback mode. 2MENU t (Slideshow) t desired slideshow t z on the control button zViewing panoramic images during continuous playback The whole panoramic image is displayed for 3 seconds. You can scroll a panoramic image by pressing z. Press z again while scrolling, the screen returns to the whole panoramic image. (Continuous Playback) Plays back all the images in succession. (Slideshow with music) Plays back still images along with effects and music. Continuous Playback 1 Select the desired image for playing with the control button. 2 MENU t (Slideshow) t [Continuous Playback] t z Control button Playback feature z Pause v Sets the display settings. V Displays the volume control screen. • Adjust the volume with v/V on the control button, then press z. b Rewinds image. B Forwards image. 68GB Slideshow with music 1 MENU t (Slideshow) t [Slideshow with music] t z on the control button Displays the setting screen. 2 Select a desired setting. 3 [Start] t z 4 Press z to end the slideshow. Notes • You cannot play back movies or panoramic images. • Settings other than [Image] are stored until the next time they are changed. Image Selects the group of images to be shown. All Plays a slideshow of all the still images in order. This Date Plays a slideshow of still images with the currently selected date range w...

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