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User manual Sony, model DSC-H200

Manafacture: Sony
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Scene Selection Select pre-set settings to match various scene conditions. Picture Effect Shoot still images with an original texture according to the desired effect. Easy Mode Shoot still images using minimal functions. Color hue Set the color hue when [Toy camera] is selected in Picture Effect. GB Extracted Color Extracted Color Soft Skin Effect Set the Soft Skin Effect and the effect level. Still Image Size/ Panorama Image Size/Movie Size Select the image size for still images, panoramic images or movie files. Exposure Compensation Adjust the exposure manually. ISO Adjust the luminous sensitivity. White Balance Adjust color tones of an image. Focus Select the focus method. Metering Mode Select the metering mode that sets which part of the subject to measure to determine the exposure. Cont. Shooting Settings Select single-image mode or burst mode. Bracket Setting Select the bracket shooting mode. Scene Recognition Set to automatically detect shooting conditions in Intelligent Auto mode. Smile Detection Sensitivity Set the Smile Shutter function sensitivity for detecting smiles. Face Detection Select to detect faces and adjust various settings automatically. DRO Set DRO function to correct the brightness and contrast and improve the image quality. Anti Blink Set to automatically shoot two images and select image in which the eyes are not blinking. In-Camera Guide Search the camera’s functions according to your needs. GB GB 15 Viewing Viewing Retouch a face on a still image. Retouch Retouch an image using various effects. Delete Delete an image. Slideshow Select a method of continuous playback. View Mode Select the display format for images. Protect Protect the images. Print (DPOF) Add a print order mark to a still image. Rotate Rotate a still image to the left or right. In-Camera Guide Search the camera’s functions according to your needs. x Setting items If you press the MENU button while shooting or during playback, (Settings) is provided as a final selection. You can change the default settings on the (Settings) screen. Shooting Settings AF Illuminator/Grid Line/Disp. Resolution/Digital Zoom/Red Eye Reduction/Blink Alert/Write Date Main Settings Beep/Panel Brightness/Language Setting/Display color/ Initialize/Function Guide/Video Out/USB Connect Setting/LUN Setting/Download Music/Empty Music/ Eye-Fi*1/Power Save Memory Card Tool*2 Format/Create REC.Folder/Change REC.Folder/Delete REC.Folder/Copy/File Number Clock Settings Area Setting/Date & Time Setting *1 [Eye-Fi] is displayed only when a compatible memory card is inserted to the camera. *2 If a memory card is not inserted, (Internal Memory Tool) will be displayed and only [Format] can be selected. GB Features of “PlayMemories Home” Features of “PlayMemories Home” GB Viewing images on Calendar Importing images from your camera Sharing images on “PlayMemories Online” Uploading images to network services zDownloading “PlayMemories Home” (for Windows only) You can download “PlayMemories Home” from the following URL: Notes • An Internet connection is required to install “PlayMemories Home”. • An Internet connection is required to use “PlayMemories Online” or other network services. “PlayMemories Online” or other network services may not be available in some countries or regions. • “PlayMemories Home” is not compatible with Macs. Use the applications that are installed on your Mac. For details, visit the following URL: GB 17 x x 1 Using the Internet browser on your computer, go to the following URL, then click [Install] t [Run]. 2 Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. • When the message to connect the camera to a computer is displayed, connect the camera and computer using the dedicated USB cable (supplied). To a USB jack To the USB / A/V OUT jack x Viewing “PlayMemories Home Help Guide” For details on how to use “PlayMemories Home”, refer to the “PlayMemories Home Help Guide”. 1 Double-click the [PlayMemories Home Help Guide] icon on the desktop. • To access the “PlayMemories Home Help Guide” from the start menu: Click [Start] t [All Programs] t [PlayMemories Home] t [PlayMemories Home Help Guide]. • For Windows 8, select the [PlayMemories Home] icon on the Start screen, then launch “PlayMemories Home” and select [PlayMemories Home Help Guide] from the [Help] menu. • For details on “PlayMemories Home”, you can also see the “Cyber-shot User Guide” (page 2) or the following PlayMemories Home support page (English only): GB Number of still images and recordable time of movies Number of still images and recordable time of movies x Still images (Units: Images) GB Capacity Internal memory Memory card Size Approx. 55 MB 2 GB 20M 5 265 VGA 350 11500 16:9(15M) 7 330 x Movies The table below shows the approximate maximum recording times. These are the total times for all movie files. Continuous shooting is possible for approximately 29 minut...


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