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User manual Bloomfield, model WFAE-55F

Manafacture: Bloomfield
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BASKET 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MANUAL 1 2 Suggestion: MENU keys 1 and 2 incorporate a feature that will inform the operator when to “drop” wings and drumsticks during cook cycle. “Drop” feature will allow you to cook breasts and thighs longer than wings and drumsticks by sounding a beep, and displaying “DrOP” on readout (item 4). Your fryer installer can program this feature into your controller upon request. Any selected MENU key can be cancelled by pressing and holding for 3 seconds. MENU key 7 is unprogrammed so that special or one-of-a-kind product may be programmed any time: With fryer is ON, press and hold TIME key and MENU 7 key at the same time. Press the UP or DOWN arrow key until the desired time is displayed. If this MANUAL feature is not desired, MENU key 7 may be programmed in the identical fashion to MENU keys 1 thru 6. MANUAL TIME key (item 2) controls time functions. TEMP key (item 3) controls temperature functions. Data can be read on the solid state READOUT (item 4). HEAT indicator is lit whenever the burners are energized; READY indicator is lit when cooking oil is at programmed temperature. MANUAL indicator is lit whenever MENU key 7 is selected. Arrow keys (item 5 & 6) control the basket lift (after pressing BASKET key), and are used to scroll through program settings. MENU keys (item 7) allow a choice of six (or seven) pre-programmed time / temp settings. 7 MANUAL 363 300007 OpManual for WFAE-50F/FS Electric Fryer 16 OPERATION - WFAE-55FS (continued) OPERATION - WFAE-55FS (continued) 363 30007 OpManual for WFAE-55F/FS Electric Fryer PROGRAM MENU TIMES AND TEMPERATURES For solid shortening melt optioned fryers, make sure elements are packed with 55 pounds of solid shortening. For all other fryers, make sure FRYPOT is filled with room temperature liquid shortening to the COLD OIL LEVEL line inscribed on inside of FRYPOT. Do not over-fill or under-fill frypot. (See page 13.) Set the POWER SWITCH (item 1) to FRYER. After 10 seconds, readout will display “MLt” (during melt cycle of solid shortening melt optioned fryers only) then “Pre-” “HEAt”, followed by the number of the menu currently selected (indicator of selected menu key will be lit). Press tting of that menu. Press any M Enter PRO AMMING mode by pressing and holding + for three second a beep sounds and readout displays “Pro9”. Program ME key 1 for the pre-determined cook time by pressing and holding at the same time. Scroll to the desired time by 1 pressing or until desired time is displayed on readout. Program MENU key 1 for the pre-determined cook temperature by pressing and holding at the same time. Scroll to desired temp by pressing 1 or until desired temperature is displayed on readout. Range is 200.F - 375.F (93.C - 191.C). Program MENU keys 2 thru 6 in the same manner. 7 MANUAL can be programmed, or left as a MANUAL menu key. NOTE: Only 7 MANUAL can be programmed while another MENU is cooking. Exit PROGRAMMING MODE by pressing and holding for one second. Readout will display “00:00” or “PrE-” “HEAt”. IMPORTANT: To program the controller for cooking your product you must first determine the cooking time and temperature required to cook the product. Each MENU key may be programmed for a different time and temperature, depending upon the requirements of each menu item. It is the sole responsibility of the end user to determine the time and temperature requirements of each menu item, and to program each MENU key to the determined time and temperature in order to insure completely and safely cooked product. IMPORTANT: Be sure to record which MENU key corresponds to which menu item or product to be cooked. 17 OPERATION - WFAE-55FS (continued) OPERATION - WFAE-55FS (continued) PAUSE 7 MANUAL+ BASKET + CLEAN STANDBY BASKET FILTER USING FUNCTION KEYS PAUSE Halts time countdown while any menu is running and readout displays time remaining. • Purpose: Allows the user to raise fry basket to inspect product in the middle of a cook cycle. Time remaining is frozen until PAUSE key is pressed again. • To use: While a menu is running, press and hold PAUSE key for five seconds, until a beep sounds and red indicator near key lights. Raise the basket to inspect product by pressing the BASKET key and UP arrow key. Resume cooking product by pressing BASKET key and DOWN arrow key. Resume time countdown by pressing PAUSE key again. • To change the time remaining while in pause: (a) This option uses the near-instant programming feature of MENU 7 (MANUAL) key. Press and hold TIME key plus the MENU 7 key at the same time. (b) Scroll in a new time remaining with the UP or DOWN arrow keys. Release all keys. Press and hold the lit MENU key for three seconds. Remaining time will cancel and display will read “00:00”. Lower fry basket by pressing BASKET key followed by DOWN arrow key. Press the MANUAL (MENU 7) key. Time will now countdown from new time programmed into key 7. Basket will rise at end of new time, display reads “00:00”. If the original menu time or tempe...

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