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User manual GBC, model SHREDMASTER 1636SE

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Read the corresponding PROBABLE MALFUNCTION, and then preform the recommended procedure in the CORRECTIVE ACTION column. When replacing electrical components having push on type terminals, tag the electrical leads that are removed to facilitate reconnecting them. Refer to the wiring diagram in figure 5.5 to resolve any wiring difficulties that may occur. Warning: Always unplug the shredder to avoid possible severe electrical shocks before attempting to preform any repair. 9 5.3 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE CHART (Continued) SYMPTOM Motor does not run. No indication of power. Motor hums but does not run. Motor does not run forward when "ON" push button is depressed. PROBABLE CAUSE Power cord disconnected. Shred bag full Flap switch bad or misaligned. Main control switch bad. Motor overheated Relay bad. Cutting head jammed. Relay bad. Motor capacitor bad. Motor bad. Relay bad. Reverse switch is bad. CORRECTIVE ACTION Connect power cord to outlet. Replace shred bag. Preform continuity check and replace or adjust flap switch as needed. With "ON” push button depressed preform continuity test across switch terminals D2 - C2 and F3 - E3. Replace switch if bad. Allow motor to cool. Preform continuity test and replace relay if bad. Unjam cutting head. Preform continuity test and replace relay if bad. Replace capacitor if bad. Test and replace motor if bad. Preform continuity and replace relay if bad. Preform continuity test and replace switch if bad. 10 5.3 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE CHART (Continued) SYMPTOM Motor continues to run in reverse after a jam. Shredding capacity is diminished. PROBABLE CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION Reverse switch Preform continuity bad. test and replace switch if bad. Paper jammed in Unjam cutters, cutters. Cutters out of Perform cutter adjustment. locknut adjustment. 5.4 Electrical Schematic Diagram 115 VAC GRN WHT BLK Rl S2 r S3 SI 12 5.5 Electrical Wiring Diagram 115 VAC SI PLAP SWITCH -------------+ BLX +-■ N 0 ----> PC > ORG ---> RI-O N C 52 REVERSE SWITCH +-------------.---+ I C ]---->Rl-NO> ! i j----> ¡ WHT ¡---->S3-D2> • + I N 0 N C R1 RELAY -- PUR < S2-C<---- ORG S3-P4> [ YEL ---►----> HI > ORG ------->S1-NC> NC o--- BLK +---> Ml > I WHT -+---->S3-A1> i WHT ---> PC > S3 CONTROL SWITCH 4 3 2 +—+-1 I I o o o +---+' I I 0 o o 1 +------- 1 +' ] o 0 1 B 0 1 +■ +' I I I 0 +< 1 o -o t WHT BRN R1 >---- hi >---- BLÜ Rl > ORG > Rl^O---- WHT ---->32-NC> GRY > Rl >---- YBL ---->ÎU-N0>---- RED ----> HI >---- I b--i b~“ > PC >---- > mi >--- Ml MOTOR BLO < Cl <--- GRY < Cl <--- BLÜ • THERMAL PROTECTION STARTING CAPACITOR C150 ) »3# ♦tf 5CHÍEMATÍC 4H» 1 IlMlWlJ^lV. ^.1 f !■ ¡¿ICS n ALL 01^6 N sidles AFTER PLATING T X ITEM NO d^CRIPTION .........- ■■ ' ■ ,1." ■'<. 'y I '■'- ■ ■ "■ .....J ALL THWEA08 MUST BE UN I Pi ED FOAM CUSS 2 V I K t I...

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