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User manual Thermo Products, model OH11-105...E

Manafacture: Thermo Products
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Heats rooms that were cool with previous furnace. So far we have used less kw of power each month compared to the previous year. ” Bob Williams, VP ofRossoe Energy Systems & Oil Company When you want to experience exceptional comfort, increased efficiency, and quieter operation while still receiving the handcrafted quality and proven warranty of Thermo Pride’s traditional oil furnace, select the Premiere Oil Furnace with the ECM variable-speed blower motor. Since the ECM motor automatically adjusts its speed for varying heating and cooling modes your home’s maximum comfort is achieved. Of0/. Some of the ECM benefits include: • quieter start up, greater efficiency, and more comfortable operation due to infinite fan motor speeds • delivery of comfortable airflow in both the heating and cooling modes. On a call for heat or cooling the blower motor starts at the slower speed and builds to the correct running speed • automatically compensates for restricted ducts or a dirty air filter by increasing the motor speed (routine filter cleaning is still recommended.) • energy bills will be lower due to quieter efficiency of the ECM motor (especially when you run the blower for long periods of time.) • reduced fan speeds will run quietly and save energy when the blower runs constantly as with air filtration, for example. ECM Specifications Model Number * OL5-85... E OL11-105...E OH5-85...E OH11-105...E CFM from .1 - .6” W/C A/C Tonnage Selection A/C Continuous A/C Continuous A/C Continuous A/C Continuous Cooling (100 cfm steps CFMs Fan CFMs Fan CFMs Fan CFMs Fan 2 ton 800 500 800 500 800 500 800 500 available for A/C) 2.5 ton 1000 500 1000 500 1000 500 1000 500 3 ton 1200 600 1200 600 1200 600 1200 600 3.5 ton 1400 700 1400 700 1400 700 1400 700 Air Temperature Rise Selection Heating CFM Heating CFM Heating CFM Heating CFM Heating 57° Rise 1400 — 1400 — (at approx. rated input BTU) 63° Rise 1260 1500 1260 1500 69° Rise 1162 1350 1162 1350 75° Rise 1050 1245 1050 1245 83° Rise 938 1125 938 1125 The standard motor size may not support this cfm at high static pressures. * Model numbers end with ‘E' to signify ECM motor. Additional Features - General • Eliminates the need for air temp thermostat to control fan cycling by using time instead. • Selectable blower turn-on and turn-off delays to adjust comfort & efficiency (turn-on: 30, 60, 120 & 240 sec; turn off: 2, 4, 6 & 8 min) • Three blower operating choices: HEAT, COOL & FAN for best efficiency for each mode. • Reduces A/C blower speed 50% on demand to increase dehumidification. • Cooling blower delays of 10 seconds on, and 45 seconds off to enhance cooling comfort and efficiency. Cycle Control • 4 minute minimum A/C off time to reduce Short-Cycle related failures. • A high limit will cause the blower run at the selected HEAT speed. It will then run for the HEAT turn off time afterwards in the absence of a HEAT call....

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