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User manual Schumacher, model XI41DU

Manafacture: Schumacher
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• FAILURE TO DO SO CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. LEA EL MANUAL COMPLETO ANTES DE UTILIZAR ESTE PRODUCTO. • CUALQUIER FALLA PODRIA RESULTAR EN SERIAS LESIONES O PODRIA SER MORTAL. 00-99-001090/0610 DO NOT RETURN THIS PRODUCT TO THE STORE! Call Customer Service for Assistance: 800-621-5485 .NO LO DEVUELVA este producto A LA TIENDA! Llame a Servicios al Cliente para Asistencia: 800-621-5485 Table of Contents Section Page IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 2 INVERTER FEATURES 3 BEFORE USING YOUR POWER INVERTER 3 CONNECTING INVERTER CABLES 4 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 5 POWER SOURCE 6 LED DISPLAY 7 IF THE INVERTER FUSE BLOWS 7 Troubleshooting 8 SPECIFICATIONS 9 REPLACEMENT PARTS 10 LIMITED WARRANTY 11 INDICE SECCION PAGINA INSTRUCCIONES IMPORTANTES DE SEGURIDAD 17 CARACTERISTICAS DEL Inversor 18 ANTES DE USAR SU Inversor DE ENERGIA 18 PARA CONECTAR LOS CABLES DEL Inversor 19 INSTRUCCIONES DE OPERACION 20 FUENTE DE ENERGIA 22 MUESTRA DE LUCES LED 22 SI SE QUEMA EL FUSIBLE DEL Inversor 23 RESOLUCION DE PROBLEMAS 23 ESPECIFICACIONES 25 PIEZAS DE REPUESTO 26 GARANTIA LIMITADA 27 • 1 • IMPORTANT: READ AND SAVE THIS SAFETY AND INSTRUCTION MANUAL. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS – The XI41DU, XI50DU and XI75DU offer a wide range of features to accommodate your needs. This manual will show you how to use your inverter safely and effectively. Please read, understand and follow these instructions and precautions carefully, as this manual contains important safety and operating instructions. The safety messages used throughout this manual contain a signal word, a message and an icon. The signal word indicates the level of the hazard in a situation. Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury to the operator or bystanders. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury to the operator or bystanders. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in moderate or minor injury to the operator or bystanders. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in damage to the equipment or vehicle or property damage. Safety messages in this manual contain two different type styles. Unnumbered type states the hazard.• Numbered type states how to avoid the hazard.• The icon gives a graphical description of the potential hazard. Pursuant to California Proposition 65, this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS1. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSRisk of electric shock or fire. Keep out of reach of children.1.1 Keep the inverter well ventilated in order to properly disperse heat generated 1.2 while it is in use. Make sure there are several inches of clearance around the top and sides and do not block the slots of the inverter. Make sure the inverter is not close to any potential source of flammable 1.3 fumes, gases or clothing. Do not place the inverter in areas such as battery compartments or engine 1.4 compartments where fumes or gases may accumulate. Keep the inverter dry.1.5 DO NOT allow the inverter to come into contact with rain or moisture.1.6 DO NOT operate the inverter if you, the inverter, the device being operated 1.7 or any other surfaces that may come into contact with any power source are wet. Water and many other liquids can conduct electricity, which may lead to serious injury or death. Do not place the inverter on or near heating vents, radiators or other sources 1.8 of heat or flammable materials. Do not place the inverter in direct sunlight. The ideal air temperature for 1.9 operation is between 50° and 80°F. Only connect the power inverter to a 12-volt accessory outlet. Do not attempt 1.10 to connect the inverter to any other power source, including an AC power source. Connecting to a 6-volt or 16-volt battery will cause damage to the inverter. Make sure the AC plug connection is tight.1.11 Do not modify the inverter in any way including cables, plugs or switches as it 1.12 may result in property damage or personal injury. Incorrect operation of your inverter may result in damage and personal injury. 1.13 The inverter output is 120V AC and can shock or electrocute the same as any ordinary household AC wall outlet. Do not open – No user serviceable parts inside.1.14 This device does not include an internal Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter 1.15 (GFCI). INVERTER FEATURES2. ON/OFF Switch1. Digital Display2. Two3. Standard Electrical 120V AC Outlets One, 5V USB Port4. 12-Volt Power Plug5. Battery Clamps6. High-Speed Cooling Fan7. Low-Battery Protection8. BEFORE USING YOUR POWER INVERTER3. When you turn on a device or a tool that runs on a motor, the device basically goes through two stages: Start Up – Requiring an initial surge of power (commonly known as the 1. “starting or peak load”). Continuous Operation – Power consumption drops (commonly kno...

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