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User manual Majestic Appliances, model Woodland VL30

Manafacture: Majestic Appliances
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No need to cut wood or clean ashes. A simple turn of the knob or press of a button produces an instant fire that burns as long as you want…safely and efficiently. Exclusive Majestic Advantages: • CSA design certified to assure a safe, quality product • The most realistic flame pattern of any gas log available for installation into a wood burning fireplace or a vent free firebox • ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) monitors the oxygen levels in the room and shuts the log set off automatically if necessary UVLC24 Vent Free Benefits: • Auxiliary heat source – Since Vent Free heaters use a millivolt ignition system, if you lose power to yourhome, you can still operate your log set without electricity • Easy Installation – With no chimney to install, vent free gas logs can go nearly anywhere easily and affordably Important Information: • Vent Free gas logs are for use in a fully functioning wood burning fireplace. The damper may be closed if there is adequate combustion and ventilation. If the room gets too warm, the dampermay be opened to allow heat to exit to the outdoors • Glass doors, if installed, must be in the full open position or removed. This provides proper combustion air and ventilation for the log set to operate properly • Screen mesh should be closed on the fireplace while burning to allow an even flow of oxygen into the fireplace Note: All gas log sets should be installed by a qualified service person. UVLX24UVLX24 UVLC18 VL24 Vent Free Log Sets: No other gas log can deliver heat and warmth, like that of a Vent Free gas log and at the same time, give you 99% efficiency. Vermont Castings Vent Free logs require no chimney, offer beauty and a realistic flame like that of a real wood fire. Three styles are available: UVLX, Supreme UVLC and Standard VL. UVLX Vent Free Logs The UVLX Vent Free gas logs feature incredible detail in the split oak ceramic fiber logs, adjustable flame height and simple turn of the knob or press of a button operation. Complete burner system & logs – a natural adornment for any woodburning fireplace or Vent Free firebox for new homes everywhere. Available in 18 , 24 , 30 open front logs and 24 multi sided front logs. Standard Features: • Tested and listed to ANSI Z21.11.2a 2003, UnventedHeaters and Z21.60a 2003; CSA 2.26a 2003 Decorative Gas Appliances for Installation in Solid Fuel Burning Fireplaces • Available in Natural Gas or Propane models • ODS standard equipment for all Vent Free sets • Each set includes logs, burner, grate, safety pilot system, lava rock & gas line connection kit Supreme UVLC Series Log Sets • Models: UVLC18, UVLC24, UVLC30 open front log sets • Split Oak Ceramic fiber logs complete with hand painted highlighting • Remote controlled gas valves only with ODS pilot system • Adjustable flame height • Features custom cast iron andirons and grate • Optional cast iron fireback for greater aesthetic appeal Standard Features: • Tested and listed to ANSI Z21.11.2z 2003, UnventedHeaters and Z21.60a 2003; ...

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