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User manual Monessen Hearth, model 724BV5142

Manafacture: Monessen Hearth
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Both sizes come with standard refractory brick and a black firescreen. With an impressive BTU range from 29,000 to 31,000, the SBV Series are ideal choices for hard to heat rooms. Our 7000 Series of B vent fireplace systems are giants in the industry. The only B vent fireplaces of this size that can operate with the optional bi-fold doors closed, the clean-faced design offers a contemporary and uninterrupted view of the flames. Available in two sizes with either 936 or 1092 square inches of viewing area, the 7000 Series is truly the focal point of your room. 724BV5142withoptionalCottageClayfirebrick Designer Peninsula 624BVPF Designer Bay 624BVBY BVENTDESIGNERFIREPLACESYSTEMSTheBventDesignerSeriesoffireplacesystemsfromMonessenoffersophisticatedoptionsfortoday'smorecontemporaryhomes.AvailableinSee-Thru,Peninsula,CornerorBayFrontmodels,theDesignerSeriestakesfiretoawholenewlevel. Theradiantdesignallowsmaterialstobeplacedrightuptotheedgeofthefireboxandwithoptionalfirebrickbacksandsidesaswellasstandardblacktrim,these42,000BTUfireplacesoffergreatheatingabilityandexcitingdesignapplications. 724BV4536withoptionalCottageClayfirebrickandPolishedBrassbifoldglassdoors624BVCRDesignerCornerBVENTDESIGNERFIREPLACESYSTEMSTheBventDesignerSeriesoffireplacesystemsfromMonessenoffersophisticatedoptionsfortoday'smorecontemporaryhomes.AvailableinSee-Thru,Peninsula,CornerorBayFrontmodels,theDesignerSeriestakesfiretoawholenewlevel. Theradiantdesignallowsmaterialstobeplacedrightuptotheedgeofthefireboxandwithoptionalfirebrickbacksandsidesaswellasstandardblacktrim,these42,000BTUfireplacesoffergreatheatingabilityandexcitingdesignapplications. 724BV4536withoptionalCottageClayfirebrickandPolishedBrassbifoldglassdoors624BVCRDesignerCorner STANDARD FEATURES: • Glowing ceramic fiber logs featuring a patented Natural Flame aluminized pan burner with random dancing flames and large ember bed • Millivolt with on/off switch and variable flame height control or electronic ignition in natural gas or propane gas • Natural or propane field convertible • Flexible connector with On/Off valve included • Includes 15' of preinstalled millivolt wire with wall switch and cover • Junction box included for electrical hook up BBV • 36" radiant face unit 14" in depth • Three piece log set with 22,000 BTU • Available with 4” B-vent outlet SVB • 36" & 42" radiant face design units 21" in depth • Three piece ceramic fiber log sets with 29,00 BTU in SBV400 and 31,500 BTU in SBV500 • Shipped with refractory brick standard for true masonry look • Available with 6" B-vent outlet 724BV • 36" & 42" radiant face design units 23 1/2" in depth • Massive ceramic fiber log sets with 50,00 BTU • Thermal operated safety shut off activates if flue is blocked • Manual on/off damper control • Built in outside air kit • Available with 8" B-vent outlet DESIGNER FIREPLACES • Available in See-Thru, Bay, Peninsula, Left and Right Corner units • Hidden control panel allows facing material to be installed up to opening of un...

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