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User manual Black & Decker, model DCM1350

Manafacture: Black & Decker
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Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads. Never immerse the Coffeemaker in water. CARING FOR YOUR CARAFE A damaged Carafe may result in possible burns from a hot liquid. To avoid breaking: • Do not allow all liquid to evaporate from the Carafe while on the "Keep Hot" plate or heat the Carafe when empty. • Discard the Carafe if damaged in any manner. A chip or crack could result in breakage. • Never use abrasive scouring pads or cleansers, they will scratch and weaken the glass. • Do not place the Carafe on or near a hot gas or electric burner, in a heated oven, or in a microwave oven. • Avoid rough handling and sharp blows. MINERAL DEPOSITS AND CLOGGING Mineral deposits left by hard water can clog your Coffeemaker. Excessive steaming or a prolonged brewing cycle are signs that a cleaning is needed. The frequency of flushing out deposits is affected by your usage and water hardness. During cleaning, more steaming occurs than when brewing coffee and there may be some spitting. 1. Pour white vinegar into the Water Reservoir up to the 6-cup level on the Water Window. Add fresh water up to the 10-cup line, and close the Reservoir Lid. For models with Brew Select, use the Mild setting for cleaning. 2. Put an empty paper filter in the Filter Basket, swing the Basket closed and be sure it latches. Set the empty Carafe on the "Keep Hot" Plate. 3. Turn the Coffeemaker on and let half the cleaning solution brew into the Carafe. Turn the Coffeemaker off and let it soak for at least 15 minutes to soften the deposits. 4. Turn the Coffeemaker on and brew the remaining cleaning solution into the Carafe. 5. Turn the Coffeemaker off; discard the cleaning solution and the soiled paper filter. Place a new paper filter into the Basket and swing the Filter Basket closed. 6. Fill the Reservoir with cold water to the 10-cup line, replace the empty Carafe, then turn on the Coffeemaker for a complete brew cycle to flush out the remaining cleaning solution. 7. Wash the Filter Basket and Carafe as instructed in "Care and Cleaning." Care and Cleaning A B C Como Usar Esta unidad ha sido disenada solamente para uso domestico. ANTES DE USAR LA CAFETERA POR PRIMERA VEZ 1. Retire toda calcomania, material de empaque e instrucciones 2. Lave la jarra, el recipiente para el filtro y la tapa en agua caliente enjabonada y enjuaguelos bien. Estas tres partes pueden tambien ser introducidas en la bandeja superior de la maquina lavaplatos. 3. Lave el interior de la cafetera vertiendo agua fria dentro del tanque de agua hasta (sin exceder) la marca que indica 8 tazas en la ventana de llenado. Abra y gire hacia afuera el recipiente para el filtro, coloque adentro un filtro standard de papel, sin anadir molido de cafe. Cierre la tapa del tanque. 4. Coloque la jarra con la tapa en su lugar y encienda la cafetera. Una vez finalizado el ciclo de colado, deseche el agua y el filtro de papel. PREPARACION DEL CAFE 1. Use la jarra para llenar el tanque con agua fria. Observe el nivel de llen...

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