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User manual Albatron Technology, model PX845PEV-800

Manafacture: Albatron Technology
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The AGP protection function is to protect the mainboard and AGP cards if a non 1.5V card is installed. I/O facilities: • One multi-mode Parallel Port capable of supporting the following specifications: 1. Standard & Bi-direction Parallel Port 2. Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) 3. Extended Capabilities Port (ECP) • Supports two serial ports, 16550 UART • Supports Infrared Data Transmission using IrDA • Supports PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard • Supports 360 KB, 720 KB, 1.2 MB, 1.44 MB, and 2.88 MB floppy disk drives BIOS: • Phoenix-Award™ BIOS • Supports APM 1.1 & 1.2 • Supports USB Legacy function • Supports ACPI power management Watch Dog Timer: • This mainboard contains a special feature called the “Watch Dog Timer” which is used to detect when the system is unable to handle over-clocking configurations during POST stage. Once detected the system will reset the configurations and reboot the system after five seconds. Dimensions (ATX form-factor): • 214mm x 293mm (WxL) Package Contents: • IDE Cable • FDC Cable • USB Bracket (2 Ports or 4 Ports) • Sound Card • Installation and Setup Driver CD • Multi-language User Manual 4 Albatron Anniversary Special Edition PX845PEV-800 Quick Content Table Function Content Location Page CPU Socket 478 U6 8 DDR DIMM Sockets DDR DIMM 1,2,3 11 ATX Power Connectors ATX_ PWR, ATX_12V 21 IDE Connectors IDE1/IDE2 17 FDC Connector FDC 17 AGP Slot AGP 20 PCI Slots PCI 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 20 CPU FAN,Chassis FAN, Auxiliary FAN CPUFAN, CHASFAN, AUXFAN 9 Front Panel Indicator SW/LED 15 Speaker Connector SPEAKER 16 Infrared Connector IrDA 16 Front USB Headers USB2, USB3 18 Clear CMOS Jumper JP1 19 Case Open Warning Function CASE OPEN 18 PC99 Color Back Panel Back Panel Connector 13 5 Albatron Anniversary Special Edition PX845PEV-800 6 Configuration Layout of PX845PEV-800 Socket 478 Intel 82801DB U6 U17 BAT1 JP1 CASE OPEN SPEAKER SW/LED USB2 USB3 CHASFAN Phoenix Bios KB/MS USB/LAN PRT/COM IrDA CPUFAN PCI3 PCI5 LAN CHIP PCI4 Intel 82845PE U10 AGP AUXFAN PCI1 PCI2 DIMM1 ATX_PWR DIMM2 DIMM3 FDC IDE2IDE1 Winbond W83627HF ATX_12V Albatron Anniversary Special Edition PX845PEV-800 Hardware Installation This section will assist you in quickly installing your system hardware. Wear a wrist ground strap before handling components. Electrostatic discharge may damage your system components. Subject: • CPU Processor Installation • Memory Installation • Back Panel Configuration • Connector Configuration • Header Configuration • Jumper Settings • Power Supply Attachments 7 Albatron Anniversary Special Edition PX845PEV-800 CPU Processor Installation This mainboard supports Intel® Pentium® 4 processors using a Socket 478. Before building your system, we suggest you visit the Intel website and review the processor installation procedures. CPU Socket 478 Configuration Steps: 1. Locate the CPU socket on your mainboard and nudge the lever away from the socket. Then lift the lever to a 90-degree angle. 2.On the socket, locate the corner that has the pin-1 receptor. This corner will have a cut-corner, on the rectangular shaped pattern of pin holes on the socket. Match the dot on the CPU with the pin-1 receptor on the socket and lower the CPU onto the socket. The bottom of the CPU should be flush with the face of the socket. Pin1 Receptor Dot 3. Lower the lever until it snaps back into position. This will lock down the CPU. 4. Smear thermal grease on top of the CPU. Lower the CPU fan onto the CPU and use the clasps on the fan to attach it to the socket. Finally, extend the power cable from the fan and insert it onto the CPUFAN adapter. Attention Overheating may damage the CPU and other sensitive components. Please check the installation completely before starting the system. Make sure the heatsink and the CPU fan are properly installed. 8 Albatron Anniversary Special Edition PX845PEV-800 9 Socket 478 Intel 82801DB U6 U17 BAT1 JP1 CASE OPEN SPEAKER SW/LED USB2 USB3 CHASFAN Phoenix Bios KB/MS USB/LAN PRT/COM IrDA CPUFAN PCI3 PCI5 LAN CHIP PCI4 Intel 82845PE U10 AGP AUXFAN PCI2 DIMM1 ATX_PWR DIMM2 DIMM3 FDC IDE2 IDE1 PCI1 ATX_12V Winbond W83627HF Ground Ground Ground +12V +12V +12V Sense Sense Sense CPUFAN AUXFAN CHASFAN FAN Headers Three power headers are available for cooling fans, which play an important role in maintaining the ambient temperature in your system. Frequency / Voltage Control This mainboard automatically detects and recognizes the CPU ratio. You can otherwise override these values using the BIOS Setup Utility. Configuring the CPU Host Frequency by using the BIOS Setup Utility To access the BIOS Setup Utility, reboot your system. During the reboot process you will be given an opportunity to press the “DEL” key to enter the BIOS Setup Utility. From the BIOS Setup Utility access the “Advanced” section and then scroll down to the “Frequency / Voltage Control” field. Adjust the “CPU Host Frequency” and “DDR:CPU Ratio” according to the formulas below. Warning This system has a BIOS configurati...


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