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User manual Carrier, model DWA-150C

Manafacture: Carrier
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manual abstract

WARNING : Do not, under any circumstances, cut or remove the grounding prong on the plug. To do so will create a shock hazard. Your air conditioner must be plugged into a properly grounded and polarzied three prong receptacle. Do not use an adapter plug. If the wall receptacle you intend to use will not accept a three-prong plug, or if you are not sure the outlet is adequately grounded or protected by a fuse or circuit breaker, have a qualified electrician install the proper oulet according to the National Electric Code and applicable local code. • BEFORE INSTALLATION Test Run Unit : Plug unit into proper power supply outlet. Refer to operating instructions in this manual for comfortable living. Check all controls for correct operation, then unplug unit. Determine Correct Mounting procedure-Refer to Window Installation or Through the Wall Installation. WARNING : • Moving parts can cause personal injury. Be careful when test-running unit. Do not operate unit with front grille removed . • Be sure to use an exclusive power source. • Contact service man for replacement of power cord. 4 • Step 1 - Prepare Components For Installation Parts for installation are as follows; • SCREW TYPE • Sill Bracket (2 pieces) • Window Kit Left side (Frame ‘L+Shutter) - (1 piece) • Window Kit Right side (Frame ‘R+Shutter) - (1 piece) • Sash Bracket (1 piece) • DRAIN, DRAIN seal • Frame Guide Lower - (2 pieces) • Levelling Screw (Machine M8x45) - (2 pieces) • 1 inch Screw (M5x30) - (4 pieces) • 5/8 inch Screw - (M4x16) - (8 pieces) • DRAIN SCREW (M4x8) - (2 pieces) • 1/4 inch Screw (M4x6) - (8 pieces) • Window Seal A, B (2 pieces) Type A Type B Type C Type D Type E SHAPE SPEC M8 x 45 M5 x 30 M4 x 16 M4 x 8 M4 x 6 Q'TY 2 4 8 2 8 Frame Guide Lower (2 pieces) DRAIN Seal Sill Bracket (2 pieces) Window Seal A (1 piece) Window Seal B (1 piece) Sash Bracket DRAIN (1 piece) Window kit Frame . NOTE: Use Screw Right side (1 piece) (Type D) only • Step 2 - Prepare Window For Installation 1. Inspect window track, sash and sill to be sure they are strong enough to hold an air conditioner. 2. Measure width between window frame to be sure instant mount will fit in the window. Instant mount models are designed for Windows 27.5 inch (699mm) to 36 inch (914mm) wide. 3. Mark the center of Window sill with pencil. 4. Insert Screws (Type A) into the sill bracket. 5. Attach Sill bracket to window sill using two Screws (Type B) by each bracket. The outside edge of window bracket should be 11.8 inch (300mm) from center line. 6. Adjust Screw (Type A) so that Sill Bracket have a slight tilt by using carpenter's level meter. Window Shutter (2 pieces) Window kit FrameLeft side (1 piece) Screw Type B SILL Screw Type A SILL BRACKET 300mm 600mm 699~914mm SASH • Step 3 - Preparation of Chassis 1. Pull the Air-filter out of the Front Grille. 2. Loosen screw which fasten Front Grille with driver. 3. Pull knobs out of the control. (when the knobs are too tight to release, leave them.) ......................

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