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User manual Samsung, model AQ18FCX

Manafacture: Samsung
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Do not touch the pipes connected to the air conditioner. . Do not use the air conditioner to maintain the machine, food, pet, plant or cosmetics. . Do not give excessive shock to the air conditioner. DURING OPERATION . The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision: Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. . The maximum input power & current is measured according to the IEC standard and the input power & current is measured according to the ISO standard. OTHERS . Be sure that the air filter not to be exposed to direct sunlight. . Do not clean the air conditioner by spraying water directly or with benzene, thinner or alcohol. . The surface of the heat exchanger is sharp, so be careful of it when cleaning. . Turn off the air conditioner and if the fan stops to operate, clean the air conditioner. . Clean the air filter every 2 weeks. . Be sure to insert the air filter. CAUTION . All of the manufacturing and packaging materials used for your new appliance are compatible with the environment and can be recycled. . Dispose of the packaging material in accordance with the local requirements. 08'FORTE_28591A_IB_E(.A).indd 7 2007-12-7 14:46:47 E-8 Name of Each Part The design and shape can be changed according to the model. Indoor Unit Air filter (under the grille) Air flow blades (outlet) Air Inlet Temperature sensor Power(On/Off) button Operation indicator (GREEN) Timer indicator (GREEN) Turbo indicator (RED) Power(On/Off) button AQ. .N. .Series AQ. .F. . Series AQ09S.. Series 08'FORTE_28591A_IB_E(.A).indd 8 2007-12-7 14:46:50 E-9 ENGLISH Outdoor Unit AQ09...Series Air Outlet Connection Valve (Inside) Air Inlet (Rear) Outdoor Unit AQ12...Series Outdoor Unit AQ18...Series Outdoor Unit AQ24...Series Air Outlet Connection Valve (Inside) Air Inlet (Rear) Air Outlet Connection Valve (Inside) Air Inlet (Rear) Air Outlet Connection Valve (Inside) Air Inlet (Rear) 08'FORTE_28591A_IB_E(.A).indd 9 2007-12-7 14:46:52 E-10 Remote Control-Buttons and Display Remote control transmission indicator Mode selection button (AUTO, COOL, DRY, FAN, HEAT) Turbo button Swing button On Timer button Off Timer button On/Off & Timer Set/Cancel button Fan speed adjustment button Temperature adjustment Temperature setting buttons mode indicator Turbo function indicator Fan speed indicator Air flow direction On Timer indicator Off Timer indicator Battery discharge indicator button Operating mode indicator ( AUTO, COOL, DRY, FAN, HEAT) 08'FORTE_28591A_IB_E(.A).indd 10 2007-12-7 14:46:58 E-11 ENGLISH Inserting the Remote Control Batteries You must insert or replace the remote control batteries when: . You purchase the air conditioner . The remote control does not work correctly Note . Use two AAA, LR03 1.5V batteries. . Do not use old and new batteries or different kinds of batteries together. . .Insert two batteries correctly as indicated by the + and – symbols. 1 Remove the battery cover in ...

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