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User manual Philips, model HR2830/06

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4822 690 40284) Use the pusher to feed ingredients through the food chute and to shut off the filling opening. (service nr. 4822 441 31204) Cover Food chute Slicing/grating disc (service nr. 4822 690 40233) Bowl (service nr. 4822 418 40983) Coupler (service nr. 4822 690 40285) Metal blade (service nr. 4822 690 40232) Ridge of bowl (locks and unlocks the built-in safety lock) Protective cap Release button (press to remove the cover with motor unit) Spatula (service nr. 4822 690 40212) 3 - Ensure that the marks on the cover correspond with the marks on the bowl (fig. 9). - Fix the cover (with motor unit) by rotating clockwise until it stops (fig. 10). - Put the pusher into the food chute (fig. 11). - Switch on (fig. 12). • During operation you may remove the pusher from the filling opening to add ingredients. • There is a small opening in the pusher through which from time to time you can add liquid (e.g. oil while making mayonnaise) (fig. 13). Tips • Pre-cut large pieces into cubes of about 3 cm (or 1”). • Avoid overprocessing due to excessive operation. • When chopping (hard) cheese, take care not to keep the motor running too long. Then the cheese could get warm and turn lumpy. • If food should get caught around the metal blade, or when particles of food should stick to the inside of the bowl: - first switch the appliance off, - take the cover (with motor unit) from the bowl - and remove the food from the metal blade or from the bowl using the spatula. • Do not chop very hard ingredients, such as coffee beans, nutmeg and lumps of ice: these would blunt the metal blade. Assembling motor unit on to cover Always fix the motor unit on to the cover before screwing the cover on to the bowl. - Place the motor unit on the cover. Note the correct position (fig. 2). - Press firmly (“Click!”) Metal blade • Take care: the cutting edges are very sharp! - Remove the protective cap from the metal blade before use (fig. 3, 4). Always hold the unprotected metal blade by its handle. • The metal blade is suitable for chopping, mixing, blending and pureeing . - First position the coupler (fig. 5) and the metal blade (fig. 6). - Then put the ingredients into the bowl (fig. 7). - Place the cover (with motor unit) on to the bowl (fig. 8). CLICK 2 3 4 4 10 CLICK 11 12 13 5 6 7 8 9 After use - Press the release button and move the cover (with motor unit) in the direction of the arrow. Then lift the upper part from the bowl (fig. 18). - Press the release button (arrow 1) to release the motor unit (arrow 2) from the cover (fig. 19). - Lift the accessory and the coupler from the bowl (fig. 20 and 21). After that, you can empty the bowl. Cleaning • Always remove the mains plug from the wall socket before cleaning the motor unit. The motor unit may be wiped with a damp cloth. Never immerse the motor unit in water. Never pour water over it. • Always remove the motor unit from the cover before washing or rinsing the cover! (Fig. 19.) • Wash the items which have been in contact with the food in warm soapy water immediately after use. • Take care when cleaning the metal blade and slicing/grating disc: the cutting edges are very sharp! These items can also be cleaned in a dishwasher. • Ensure that the cutting edges do not come into contact with hard objects as this might make them blunt. • Place the protective cap back on to the metal blade after cleaning (fig. 22). Slicing/grating disc • Take care: the cutting edges are very sharp! Always hold the disc by its handle. - First position the coupler (fig. 5) and the slicing/- grating disc (fig. 14). Ensure that the side which you wish to use is pointing upwards. - Place the cover (with motor unit) (fig. 8-10). - Lift the pusher out of the food chute. - Feed the ingredients into the food chute (fig. 15). - Put the pusher on top of the food and press lightly (fig. 16). - Switch on (fig. 17). - Press the ingredients downwards using the pusher. Apply steady and moderate pressure. Tips • Pre-cut large pieces to make them feed into the chute. • Fill the food chute evenly for the best slicing and grating results. • Empty the bowl every now and then when processing large amounts. Built-in safety lock Only if you mount the cover (with motor unit) onto the bowl in the right manner, the built-in safety lock becomes unlocked and the appliance can be switched on. For that reason, please give figs. 8-10 extra attention! 5 15 16 14 17 18 20 21 1 2 19 22 4822 690 40181 4822 690 40182 4822 690 40185 4822 690 40183 4822 690 40267 Accessories • The following accessories are also available as optional extras*): -double-sided slicing disc for thick and thin slicing (nr. 4822 690 40181) -double-sided grating disc for coarse and medium fine grating (nr. 4822 690 40182) -double-sided grating disc for fine and extra fine grating (nr. 4822 690 40183) -single-sided grating disc for extremely fine grating (for e.g. "Reibekuchen") (nr. 4822 690 40185). -Storage box for discs HR 2922 (nr. 4822 690 40267). *) You can ask yo...

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