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User manual GBC, model VOYAGER 3 930-032

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manual abstract

CAUTION: Always follow proper shutdown procedure as described in this manual when turning the laminator off. CAUTION: The laminator may only be moved by a qualified service representative. Improper disconnection or reconnecting can result in injury to you and/ or damage to the laminator. CAUTION: Never use this machine for any other purpose than its intended design and function. You may be injured. The following actions can result in machine damage. CAUTION: Do not make any modifications to this laminator. Unauthorized changes will void your warranty and may cause extensive repairs or create poor output quality. CAUTION: Do not locate the laminator where air is blowing directly on the machine. The air flow can cool the rollers unevenly and result in poor output quality. CAUTION: Only use acceptable materials through this laminator. Unacceptable materials may cause damage to the rollers or cause poor output quality. CAUTION: Do not place the laminator on uneven surfaces. This will effect the operation of the laminator and will result in poor output quality. CAUTION: Only use materials specified INFORMATION: Any concerns for safety in this manual for cleaning of the lamina- or operation should be brought to the tor and routine maintenance. attention of your local service representative immediately. 2004 General Binding Corporation Page 1-3 Voyager 3 Voyager 3Voyager 3 Operations Manual: Safety Jog/Slow Speed w/Guard Open 1.3 Emergency stops (E-Stop) The Voyager 3 is equipped with three E-Stops. One is located on the feeder next to the feeder pile table controls, the second is located on the laminator control panel and the third is located on the top of the laminator electrical box. The Jog and Reset buttons must be held simultaneously to allow the slow speed jogging with the safety guard open. Speed is monitored by relay for safety purposes. 1.4 Safety shields The two safety shields, one covering the main roller and the second covering the separator section, perform the same function as an emergency stop. To engage an E-Stop, press the E-Stop in. When any one of the three E-Stops is engaged, all functions of the machine are stopped and the main pressure roller is lowered. To continue operation, all E-Stops must be in the up position. To release an E-Stop, pull button out. Both safety shields have a key switch. Once the key is removed from the switch, all functions of the machine are stopped and the main pressure roller is lowered. To disengage the main roller safety shield switch, pull up on the safety shield handle located on the operator side of the laminator. WARNING: Burn hazard, chrome cylinder stays hot. To disengage the separator safety shield switch, slide the shield back towards the stacker table and raise. 2004 General Binding Corporation Page 1-4 Operations Manual: Safety Voyager 3 Voyager 3Voyager 3 1.5 Pneumatics The pneumatic system used to provide upward pressure on the pressure roller and the snap roller is capable of producing great amount of forces. This force is applied to any object presented in the opening (called the nip) between the two rollers. Use care in raising the lower pressure roller and/ or engaging the snap roller. Before engaging either of these rollers, ensure that nothing is in the nip areas. Know how to react quickly in an emergency. If any problem or danger should occur, depress any of the E-Stops, all functions of the machine are stopped and the main pressure roller is lowered. 1.6 Heat The heater can raise the main roller temperature well of over 200°F ( 100°C ). At these temperatures, you can become severely burned. WARNING: Do not make contact with the main roller when heat is applied. You may become severely burned if not avoided. WARNING: After heat is removed from the main roller, avoid contact with the roller for at least two hours. Heat is still present. WARNING: Use extreme caution when the main roller safety shield is raised and heat is supplied. CAUTION: Objects other than media, film or approved substrates, will cause irreparable damage to the rollers if caught in the nip. 2004 General Binding Corporation Page 1-5 Voyager 3 Voyager 3Voyager 3 Operations Manual: Safety 1.7 Safety labels Posted at various locations on the Voyager 3 Laminator are important safety labels. Pay careful attention to these labels at all times! Figure 1.7.1 illustrates the location of each of these labels. WARNING READ MANUAL: Read and understand the Operations Manual before attempting to run this machine. WARNING: DO NOT operate unless you have been fully trained. DO NOT operate until you have read the OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS completely. CAUTION Maximum Air Pressure: Do not exceed the air pressure specified on this label. WARNING Hazardous Voltage: Do not open these cabinets.This machine is to be serviced only by trained and authorized personnel. WARNING Moving Parts: Keep hands and fingers away.You may be crushed and/ or cut. 2004 General Binding Corporation Page 1-6 Operations Manual...


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