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User manual Flymo, model Mini-Trim Trimmer I

Manafacture: Flymo
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Removing broken or worn cutting line. For best results, replace the cutting line when worn to no less than 20 mm from the edge of the cutting head. (Fig F) Using the pip in the centre of the line, pull the line upwards and out of the cutting head. (Fig G) G USE 8 8 Replacing the Cutting Line USE H J K Insert one end of the cutting line into the centre of the cutting head and push until the end of the line comes out at one end of the slot. (Fig. H) Secure the centre piece of the cutting line into the centre of the cutting head and guide the other side of the cutting line along the slot until it is securely located as illustrated in Fig. J. Storing the spare cutting lines. Cutting lines can be stored in the storage facility provided in the back of the trimmer stem. To store your line, insert one end of the line into the top slot and one end of the line into the bottom slot. Then take the centre pip and insert it into the hole in the middle slot and slide over to the left as illustrated in Fig. K. Caring for your Trimmer 9 • WARNING Disconnect from the mains electricity supply, before attempting any maintenance or adjustment. Cutting head continues to rotate after the trimmer has been switched off. After you have finished using your Flymo Trimmer follow the procedure below: 1. Disconnect from the mains electricity supply. 2. Never clean your trimmer with water, cleaning fluids, or solvents, just remove debris with a suitable tool, a soft brush or dry cloth. 3. Using the scraper provided, clean around the inside of the cutting head housing to remove any grass and debris. (Fig L) 4. Using a soft brush, clean around the inside of the cutting head housing (Fig M), the cutting head (Fig N) and the motor housing air vents.(Fig P) 5. Inspect the trimmer carefully, especially the parts of the cutting head. 6. If your trimmer is damaged in any way contact your local Flymo/Partner approved service centre. • Never use a damaged trimmer. 7. Wind cable carefully to avoid kinking. 8. Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children. L M N P MAINTENANCE 10 10 Fault Finding Hints & Service Recommendations MAINTENANCE Fault Finding Hints Service Recommendations Fails To Operate 1. Is the power turned on? 2. Check the fuse in the plug, if blown, replace. 3. Fuse continues to blow? Immediately disconnect from the mains electricity supply and consult your local approved Service Centre Poor Trimming. 1. Check length of line. If broken or worn to less than 20mm from the edge of the cutting head, replace line. See Removing & Replacing cutting line, page 7 & 8. 2. Check if cutting head is rotating freely. Remove any debris. See Caring for your Trimmer page 9. 1. Always use genuine Flymo Spare Parts. 2. Prepacked spares are available from most Flymo/Partner stockists. 3. If you have a problem with your machine contact your local Approved Service Centre ensuring you have full details of your product as described on the product rating label. 4. Should it be necessary for work to be carried out by your Service Centre, it is important to take your complete machine with you. 5. In the event of further difficulty please contact:Flymo/ Partner, Customer Service Flymo/Partner a division of Electrolux Outdoor Products Preston Road Aycliffe Industrial Estate, NEWTON AYCLIFFE, Co. Durham. DL5 6UP Telephone: (01325) 300303 Fax : (01325) 318193 A network of specialist dealers can be found in your local Yellow Pages. To obtain service on your Flymo product simply telephone or visit your local Service Centre. Should you require service under the terms of our guarantee the Service Centre will require proof of purchase. All of the centres stock genuine Flymo Spare Parts. NOTE: Our Service Repairers act on their own behalf and are not empowered to commit or legally bind Flymo/Partner in any manner whatsoever. Guarantee & Guarantee Policy 11 Guarantee & Guarantee Policy If any part is found to be defective due to faulty manufacture within one year of original purchase, Flymo/Partner, through its Authorised Service Repairers will effect the repair or replacement to the customer free of charge providing: (a) The fault is reported directly to the Authorised Repairer. (b) Proof of purchase is provided. (c) The fault is not caused by misuse, neglect or faulty adjustment by the user. (d) The failure has not occurred through fair wear and tear. (e) The machine has not been serviced or repaired, taken apart or tampered with by any person not authorised by Flymo/Partner. (f) The machine has not been used for hire. (g) The machine is owned by the original purchaser. (h) The machine has not been used outside of the country for which it was specified. (i) The machine has not been used commercially. * This guarantee is additional to, and in no way diminishes the customers statutory rights. Failures due to the following are not covered, therefore it is important that you read the instructions contained in this Operator's Manual and understand how to operate an...


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