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User manual Gigabyte, model GA-P35-S3G

Manafacture: Gigabyte
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With virtualization, one computer system can function as multiple virtual systems. (Default: Enabled) o" Full Screen LOGO Show Allows you to determine whether to display the GIGABYTE Logo at system startup. Disabled displays normal POST message. (Default: Enabled) o" Init Display First Specifies the first initiation of the monitor display from the installed PCI graphics card or the PCI Express graphics card. ►► PCI Sets the PCI graphics card as the first display. (Default) ►► PEG Sets the PCI Express graphics card as the first display. (Note) This item is present only if you install a CPU that supports this feature. For more information about Intel CPUs' unique features, please visit Intel's website. GA-P35-S3G Motherboard - 36 - 2-5 Integrated Peripherals SATA AHCI Mode (Intel ICH9 Southbridge) Inables or disables AHCI for the SATA controllers integrated in the Intel ICH9 Southbridge. ►► Disabled Configures the SATA controllers to PATA mode. (Default) ►►AHCI |Nole| Configures the SATA controllers to AHCI mode. Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) is an interface specification that allows the storage driver to enable advanced Serial ATA features such as Native Command Queuing and hot plug. For more information about AHCI, please visit Intel's website. o- SATA Port0-3 Native Mode (Intel ICH9 Southbridge) Specifies the operating mode of the integrated SATA controllers. ►► Disabled Allows the SATA controllers to operate in Legacy IDI mode. In Legacy mode the SATA controllers use dedicated IRQs that cannot be shared with other device. Set this option to Disabled if you wish to install operating systems that do not support Native mode, e.g. Windows 9X/MI. (Default) ►► Inabled Allows the SATA controllers to operate in Native IDI mode. Inable Native IDI mode if you wish to install operating systems that support Native mode, e.g. Windows XP/2000. 100Mbps Cable Length= 30m ►► Link Detected Displays transmission speed ►► Cable Length Displays the approximate length of the attached LAN cable. Note: The Gigabit hub will only operate at a speed of 10/100Mbps in MS-DOS mode; it will operate at a normal speed of 10/100/1000Mbps in Windows mode or when the LAN Boot ROM is activated. GA-P35-S3G Motherboard - 38 - o-When a Cable Problem Occurs... If a cable problem occurs on a specified pair of wires, the Status field will show Short and thenlength shown will be the approximate distance to the fault or short. Ixample: Pair1-2 Status = Short / Length = 1.6m Ixplanation: A fault or short might occur at about 1.6m on Pair 1-2. Note: Pair 4-5 and Pair 7-8 are not used in a 10/100 Mbps environment, so their Status fields will show Open, and the length shown is the approximate length of the attached LAN cable. c Onboard LAN Boot ROM Allows you to decide whether to activate the boot ROM integrated with the onboard LAN chip. (Default: Disabled) =>■ Onboard IDE Controller (JMicron 368 Chip) Inables or disables the IDI controller integrated in the JMicron 368 chip. (Default: Inabled) c Onboard Serial Port 1 Inables or disables the first serial port and specifies its base I/O address and corresponding interrupt. Options ...


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