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User manual Alvin, model XX-4-XB

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Convenient stay cool handle on head for positioning. 3-diopter glass lens provides 1.75x magnification. Removable protective lens cover makes this magnifier lamp usable as a table lamp. Takes one T5 22w daylight simulation bulb (included). Includes heavy-duty desktop mounting clamp that fits up to 2." thick surfaces. All metal construction. UL listed. No. ML255-B ML255-D ML255-BULB Color Black White Replacement bulb SRP $89.95 ea 89.95 ea 6.95 ea ALVIN® Trim Design Magnifier Lamp Perfect for precision work, this lamp magnifies your work and also lights up your work surface. Trim Design lamp features a fully adjustable internal spring arm with 45" reach. Includes extra large 5" diameter, 3-diopter glass lens with 1.75x magnification. Adjustable lamp head. Removable protective lens cover makes this magnifier lamp usable as a table lamp. Takes one T5 22w energy-saving, compact fluorescent bulb (included). Includes heavy-duty desktop mounting clamp that fits up to 2." thick surfaces. Electronic ballast. UL listed. No. Color SRP ML225-B Black $79.95 ea ML225-D White 79.95 ea ML225-BULB Replacement bulb 6.95 ea ALVIN® Refill Lenses for Magnifier Lamps Designed for use with ML225 and ML255 magnifier lamps, these high quality 5" diameter glass lenses are available in three powers. Approximate object enlargement is: 3 diopter – 1.75x, 5 diopter – 2.25x and 8 diopter – 3.00x. No. Description SRP MLL-3 Lens, 3D optical $19.95 ea MLL-5 Lens, 5D optical 23.95 ea MLL-8 Lens, 8D optical 26.95 ea 30 Lamps Lamps ALVIN® 2 in 1 Portable Lamp This 2 in 1 portable lamp is our most versatile ever. Functions as a handy desk lamp with base or simply clamp it on with the plastic C-Clamp (both included). Features 40" reach extension arm. On/Off switch on shade. Takes a PL-13w bulb (included) and are easily obtainable at any home store (60w incandescent). No. Color SRP PL2522 Black $59.00 ea ADJUSTABLE CLAMP Heavy-duty adjustable clamp allows for mounting of magnifier and task lamps on drafting tables and other angled surfaces up to 2." thick. A comfortable knob provides easy positioning to the desired angle and then locks securely in place to prevent the lamp from moving. Designed for use with CL1755, ML255, ML225, and FL655. No. Color SRP ALCLAMP-B Black $12.95 ea ALCLAMP-D White 12.95 ea CLAMP (Not Shown) Four-way plastic clamp fits the G2540, PL2522, and ML100. Black only. Fits up to 1." thick surface. No. C-CLAMP SRP $7.95 ea TESTRITE® Studio Light This outstanding light source includes a 10" diameter aluminum reflector that swivels to any angle with its wooden handle, and accepts a 75 watt household bulb. Its 3-section telescopic stand adjusts to 7' high and weighs just 4 lbs. 8' cord plugs into any outlet. No. 124/3A SRP $89.95 ea U33507 U33501 U33050 DAYLIGHT™ Compact Lamp Lightweight and compact, it folds neatly together making it conveniently portable and great for taking to craft clubs and classes. Perfect for sewing, scrapbooking, quilting, painting and all other detailed hobbies. 110 volts. Includes 13w low energy, daylight simulation bulb. Replacement 13w daylight bulb: No. U13623. Carrying case sold separately. No. Description SRP U33050 Compact Lamp, White $54.99 ea U33501 Compact Lamp, Black 66.99 ea U33507 Compact Lamp, Silver 66.99 ea U13623 13W replacement bulb 21.00 ea U62000 Compact Carry Bag 19.99 ea DAYLIGHT™ Scrapbook Lamp This essential tool combines a fantastic light source, with an extremely useful organizing tray that conveniently holds paper punches, rubber stamps, scissors, etc. It also includes a handy clamp for holding all those essential scrapbooking materials like papers, die cuts, and stickers. This is every scrapbooker’s dream come true! 110 volts. Includes 18w low-energy, daylight simulation bulb. Replacement 18w daylight tube: No. U13621. No. Description SRP U33090 Scrapbook Lamp $105.00 ea U13621 18w replacement bulb 21.00 ea DAYLIGHT™ Easel Lamp Specially designed for painting, drawing, or displaying on an easel. This lamp can also be easily clamped on to any flat surface. The lamp hood is attached to a flexible arm which allows you to move and direct the light source in a variety of positions and angles. Light source is 11w low-energy/heat daylight simulation bulb. Supplied with bulb, clamp, and long cord. Aluminum/black. No. U31075 SRP $74.99 ea OTT-LITE® TrueColor™ Clip-On Lamp Savespacebyclippingthislamptoanysurface–tables,countertops,shelving, andmore.Seethecolorsofyourphotos, paper, and embellishments with incredibleaccuracy.Everydetailcomestolifeunderthecool,low- glareilluminationoftheOTT-LITE® TrueColor™ Clip-On Lamp. Plus, the functional design makes this lamp extremely versatile with a strong clamp that holds tight, an adjustable shade that rotates to direct light right where you need it, and a flexible neck that twists and bends for easy positioning. Energy-efficient OTT-LITE® TrueColor™ bulb included. Uses replacement tube OLPL13TC. No. Description SRP L13516 Clip-On Lamp $69.95 ea...

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