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User manual Daewoo, model KOG-3667

Manafacture: Daewoo
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manual abstract

If the door is opened while the oven is operating, magnetron will immediately stop operating. 2 Door seal - Door seal maintains the microwave energy within the oven cavity and prevents microwave leakage. 3 Oven cavity. 4 Spatter shield - Protects the microwave outlet from splashes of cooking foods. 5 Safety interlock system. 6 Door viewing screen - Allows viewing of food. The screen is designed so that light can pass through, but not the microwaves. 7 Glass cooking tray - Made of special heat resistant glass. Food in a proper receptacle is placed on this tray for cooking. 8 Roller guide - This must always be used for cooking together with the glass cooking tray. 9 Knob V.P.C - Used to select a microwave power level. 0 Knob timer - Used in setting cooking timer for all functions. q Reflector (Insulator Heater) w Heating Element e Metal Rack OPERATION 1 1 Connect the mains lead to an electrical After placing the food in a suitable utensil, always be in place during cooking. Shut the door. 3 Make sure that it is firmly closed. How to set each function4 To set MICROWAVE Cooking • Set the variable POWER SELECTOR to the desired power level. SYMBOL POWER LEVEL OUTPUT POWER WARM 26% DEFROST 42% 1 MEDIUM 75% 2 MED-HIGH 91% 3 HIGH 100% To set GRILL Cooking • Set thee POWER SELECTOR to the (grill) position. To set COMBI Cooking • Set thee POWER SELECTOR to the (combi) position. Set the time control by turning the timer knob and then microwave cooking starts. 5 • If turning the timer-knob for less than 2 minutes, turn it past 2 minutes and then back to the desired time. Microwave energy will be turned off automatically when the timer point to “OFF” . Then take out foods. 6 • To prevent the oven operating with the door open, your microwave oven is fitted with safety door interlock switches. If you wish to inspect the food during the cooking time, simply open the door. The oven will automatically stop the cooking. To continue cooking, you simply close the door. • If you wish to stop the cooking during the cooking simply turn the timer knob the point “OFF”. Cooking can be reset at any time during the cooking cycle by only turning the timer knob. • Do not let the timer continue to operate after removing food. COOKING UTENSILS Microwave energy is produced by high frequency radio waves. They are reflected from metal, but will pass through most cooking utensils without heating them. As the waves come into contact with the food, they are converted into heat energy. Listed below are the suggested cooking utensils for this microwave oven and when to use them. 1. Dishes with metal trim of any type-should not be used. This will cause sparking. 2. Glass or ceramic heat proof dishes-excellent for microwave cooking. 3. China dishes and plates-without metal trim may be used to cook and heat individual portions of food. 4. Wood or straw-use only for short period, wood contains some moisture and the microwave energy may cause the wood to dry out and crack. 5. Aluminum foil-may be used in very small pieces for shielding only. Any aluminum foil used should never be closer than 2.5 cm from side walls of oven. 6. Plastic-most heat resistant plastic dinnerwave may be used for heating food. However polyethylene, melamine, phenol are unsuitable for use in the oven. They become hot in the microwave. 7. Wax paper-use as a cover to avoid spatters. 8. Metal-In general, metal utensils should not be used in microwave oven. 5 CARE AND CLEANING Although your oven is provided with 1. It is important not to defeat or tamper with 2. Do not place any object between the oven surfaces. Wipe the sealing area frequently with powders or pads. 3. When opened, the door must not be subjected to any load could cause the oven to fall forward to cause the oven if it is damaged, until it has been repaired by a It is particularly important that the oven closes properly and i) Door (bent) ii) Hinges and Hookes (broken or loosened) iii) Door seals and sealing surfaces. 4. The oven should not be adjusted or repaired by anyone except a properly BEFORE YOU CALL FOR SERVICE Refer to following checklist, you may prevent an unnecessary service call. * The oven doesn't work; 1. Check that the power cord is securely plugged in. 2. Check that the door firmly closed. 3. Check that the cooking time is set. 4. Check for a blown circuit fuse or tripped main circuit breaker in your house. * Sparking in the cavity; 1. Check that utensils are metal containers or dishes with metal trim. 2. Check that metal skewers touch the interior walls. If there is still a problem, contact the service station. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS * Q : I accidentally ran my microwave oven without any food in it. Is it damaged? A : Running the oven empty for a short time will not damage the oven. However, it is not recommended. * Q : Can the oven be used with the glass tray or roller guide removed? A : No. Both the glass tray and roller guide must always be used in the oven before cooking. * Q : Can I open the door ...


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