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User manual Hobart, model V1401

Manafacture: Hobart
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manual abstract

This measurement should be taken at several points around the bowl to assure accuracy. To Adjust Bowl / Agitator Clearance • Remove the Apron (which is secured by 4 thumbscrews). • Loosen the Locking Nut on the Stop Screw (Fig. 7), turn the Stop Screw counterclockwise to increase the clearance or clockwise to decrease the clearance. • Tighten the Locking Nut while holding the Stop Screw. • After adjustments are made, replace the Apron. • Reconnect the electrical power supply. • Carefully operate the bowl lift several times to check the adjustment. Fig. 7 - 15 - TROUBLESHOOTING SYMPTOMS POSSIBLE CAUSES Mixer will not start. 1. Gear shift lever is between gears (not fully engaged). 2. Electrical power supply is interrupted. Circuit breaker or disconnect switch is off, or fuse is blown. 3. Mixer or attachment is overloaded. 4. Bowl is not all the way up. 5. Wire Cage Assembly is not in the front-center position. Agitator touches bowl. 1. Bowl clamp(s) not closed. 2. Improper agitator clearance — see MAINTENANCE for adjustment procedure. 3. Bowl clamp(s) improperly adjusted — see MAINTENANCE for adjustment procedure. Planetary seal squeaks. 1. Seal requires occasional lubrication — see MAINTENANCE. SERVICE If service is needed on this equipment, contact your local Hobart Service Office. FORM 33785 Rev. B (June 2001) - 16 - PRINTED IN U.S.A....

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