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User manual Kenwood, model XD-652

Manafacture: Kenwood
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“Custom EQ 1” “Custom EQ 2” “Custom EQ 3” “Balance” (Only when “S.direct” is not selected) “MD/DVD Input Level” (Only when the MD/DVD input is selected) “SW Level” (XD-7...series Only) +Scrolled display (Adjust Bass) Adjust Bas Bass -8 . Each frequency band can be adjusted in the range between – 8 and + 8 . . Repeat step 3 to adjust the “Bass” (low sound range), “Mids” (middle sound range) or “Highs” (high sound range) axis. The following items can be selected by turning the MULTI CONTROL jog dial. “3D Lev. off”....3D surround off “3D Lev. 1” ......3D surround level 1 “3D Lev. 2” ......3D surround level 2 1 55Effective sound adjustment 55Effective sound adjustment XD-SERIES (EN/M,T) Surround function (XD-6...series, XD-8...series) Dolby Pro Logic Surround When video (LD) software carrying mark is played, this mode provides the Dolby Sur round effect, similar to movie theaters. Dolby Pro Logic is a specially encoded 2 channel surround format designed to provide theater-like surround sound from Dolby Surround encoded sources (such as video and Laserdisc software marked ). This unit is equipped with a Dolby Surround decoder to let you enjoy the wide variety of currently available Dolby Surround home video software. * Optional in this mode. Super woofer* Center speaker Surround speakers (monaural signal) Front speakers Dolby 3 Stereo Surround This mode improves the positioning of the acoustic image of words, etc., by applying directivity enhancer processing and using an additional center speaker when a video software program recorded with ordinary 2-channel stereo is played. Application section* Optional in this mode. Center speaker Front speakers Super woofer* Dolby 3 Stereo is available for systems that do not set sur- round speakers. When in the Dolby 3 Stereo mode the sur- round information is redirected to the front left and right speakers. This mode is designed for use with Dolby Sur- round program sources, but can also improve sound field unity for programs that are not Dolby Surround encoded. Dialog positioning and sound image definition, however, may not be as accurate when used with programs that are not Dolby Surround encoded. * Optional in this mode. Front speakers Super woofer* The surround signals output in the Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby 3 Stereo modes have usually been set to offer rich feeling of presence when five speakers are used. The Dolby Virtual Surround function offers a simulated surround effect using only the left and right front speakers. Dolby Virtual Surround 56 Effective sound adjustment 56 Effective sound adjustment XD-SERIES (EN/M,T) Surround setting (XD-6...series, XD-8...series) Application section 1Select “Surround Setup”. 2Select the center speaker size (or select “No” if no center speaker is used at all). 3Select “Yes” if you use the surround speakers. 4 2 . 3 MULTI CONTROL MENU SELECT 4 2 . 3 MULTI CONTROL SELECT 4 2 . 3 MULTI CONTROL SELECT The following items can be selected by turning the MULTI CONTROL jog dial. (“CD Program Play”) (“Recording Options”) (“Tape Dubbing”) “Audio Options” “Clock Options” “Surround Setup” +Scrolled display (Surround Setup) Lights Surround. S O Be sure to adjust from your listening position. +Scrolled display (Select Center Speaker) Select Cen Small . The following items can be selected by turning the MULTI CONTROL jog dial. “Small” ....... When the center speaker is compact- sized speaker (Accessories) “Large” ....... When the center speaker is medium- or large-sized speaker “No”............ When the center speaker is not used +Scrolled display (Select Surround Speaker) Select Sur Yes . . The following items can be selected by turning the MULTI CONTROL jog dial. “Yes” ..... When using surround speakers “No”....... When not using surround speakers Speakers used and selected surround play modes Center speaker Surround speakers Selectable surround modes “Small” or “Large” “Yes” Any “Small” or “Large” “No” “Dolby 3 stereo”, “Dolby Virtual surround” “No” “Yes” “Dolby Pro logic”, “Dolby Virtual surround” “No” “No” “Dolby Virtual surround” Operating procedure 123456 123 56 123456 123 6 O The operations in steps 4and/or 5may sometimes be unnecessary when the center and/or surround speakers are set to “No” in the “Surround setting” procedure steps 2and/or 3. 57Effective sound adjustment 57Effective sound adjustment 4Select the delay time. SELECT 4 2 3 MULTI CONTROL 5Adjust the volume balance. 1 Press the MULTI CONTROL key while “Test C” or “Test S” is displayed. 2 Adjust the surround speaker volumes equal to the volume of the test tone from the left and right front speakers. To increase 4 2 3 MULTI CONTROL To decrease Display for the center speaker volume adjustment : C-ch +8. Display for the surround speaker volume adjustment : S-ch +8 . 3 After completing the volumes from all the speakers, press the SELECT key. SELECT 6Press the ENTER key. ENTER XD-SERIES (EN/M,T) +Scrolled display (Select delay time) Select del 20ms. . The following items can be sel...

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