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User manual Sony, model MHC-RX70

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Notes on CDs • Before playing, clean the CD with a cleaning cloth. Wipe the CD from the center out. • Do not use solvents such as benzene, thinner, commercially available cleaners or anti-static spray intended for vinyl LPs. •Do not expose the CD to direct sunlight or heat sources such as hot air ducts, nor leave it in a car parked in direct sunlight. Cleaning the cabinet Use a soft cloth slightly moistened with mild detergent solution. To save a tape permanently To prevent a tape from being accidentally recorded over, break off the cassette tab from side A or B as illustrated. If you later want to reuse the tape for recording, cover the broken tab with adhesive tape. When you are using a TYPE II (CrO2) or TYPE IV (metal) cassette, be careful not to cover the detector slots which allow the tape player to automatically detect the type of tape. Detector slots Before placing a cassette in the tape deck Take up any slack in the tape. Otherwise the tape may get entangled in the parts of the tape deck and become damaged. When using a tape longer than 90 minutes The tape is very elastic. Do not change the tape operations such as play, stop, and fast-winding etc. frequently. The tape may get entangled in the tape deck. Cleaning the tape heads Clean the tape heads after every 10 hours of use. When the tape heads become dirty — the sound is distorted — there is a decrease in sound level — the sound drops out — the tape does not erase completely — the tape does not record Make sure to clean the tape heads before you start an important recording or after playing an old tape. Use separately sold dry-type or wet-type cleaning cassette. For details, refer to the instructions of the cleaning cassette. Demagnetizing the tape heads Demagnetize the tape heads and the metal parts that have contact with the tape every 20 to 30 hours of use with a separately sold demagnetizing cassette. For details, refer to the instructions of the demagnetizing cassette. Troubleshooting If you run into any problem using this stereo system, use the following check list. First, check that the power cord is connected firmly and the speakers are connected correctly and firmly. Should any problem persist, consult your nearest Sony dealer. General The display starts flashing as soon as you plug in the power cord even though you haven’t turned on the power (demonstration mode). •Press DISPLAY/DEMO when the power is turned off. The demonstration mode appears automatically the first time you plug in the power cord. If there is a power outage lasting longer than half a day, redo the following: — Clock setting (see “Step 2: Setting the time”) — Preset stations (see “Step 3: Presetting radio stations”) — Timer settings (see “Waking up to music” and “Timer recording radio programs”). “12:00 AM” flashes in the display. •A power interruption occurred. Set the clock and timer settings again. There is no sound. •Rotate VOLUME clockwise. •The headphones are connected. •Insert only the stripped portion of the speaker cord into the SPEAKER jack. Inserting the vinyl portion of the speaker cord will obstruct the speaker connections. continued Troubleshooting (continued) There is severe hum or noise. •A TV or VCR is placed too close to the stereo system. Move the stereo system away from the TV or VCR. The sound from the connected source is distorted. •If “VIDEO” appears in the display when you press FUNCTION, switch the display to “MD” (see “Notes: Connecting a VCR”). The timer does not function. •Set the clock correctly. DAILY1, DAILY 2, and REC do not appear when you press the TIMER SELECT button. •Set the timer correctly. •Set the clock. The remote does not function. •There is an obstacle between the remote and the system. •The remote is not pointing in the direction of the system’s sensor. •The batteries have run down. Replace the batteries. There is acoustic feedback. •Decrease the volume level. •Move the microphone away form the speakers or change the direction of the microphone. The color irregularity on a TV screen persists. •Place the speakers farther away from the TV set. Speakers Sound comes from one channel or unbalanced left and right volume. •Check the speaker connection and speaker placement. There is no sound from the surround speakers (U.S. and Canadian models only). •Press SURROUND to turn on the surround effect. CD Player The CD tray does not close. •The CD is not placed properly. The CD will not play. •The CD is not lying flat in the disc tray. •The CD is dirty. •The CD is inserted label side down. •Moisture condensation has built up. Remove the CD and leave the system turned on for about an hour until the moisture evaporates. Play does not start from the first track. •The player is in program or shuffle mode. Press PLAY MODE repeatedly until “PROGRAM” or “SHUFFLE” disappear. “OVER” is displayed. •You have reached the end of the CD. Press and hold 0to return. Tape Deck The tape does not record. • No tape in the cassette holder. • The tab has been ...

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