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User manual Sony, model MHC-BX5

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MHz STEREO TUNED 3 Press TUNER MEMORY. A preset number appears in the display. The stations are stored from preset number 1. Preset number TUNED STEREO 4 Press ENTER. “COMPLETE” appears in the display. The station is stored. 5 Repeat steps 1 to 4 to store other stations. To tune in a station with a weak signal Press + or – (TUNING +/– on the remote) repeatedly to tune in the station manually. To set another station to the existing preset number Start over from step 1. After step 3, turn SHUTTLE until it clicks to select the preset number you want to store the other station. You can add a new preset number after the last preset number. To erase the preset station 1 Hold down TUNER MEMORY until a preset number appears in the display. 2 Turn SHUTTLE until it clicks to select the preset number you want to erase. Select “ALL ERASE” when you want to erase all the preset stations. 3 Press ENTER. “COMPLETE” appears. When you erase a preset number, the preset number decreases by one and all preset numbers following the erased one are renumbered. To change the AM tuning interval (Except for the European and Middle Eastern models) The AM tuning interval is factory set to 9 kHz (10 kHz in some areas). To change the AM tuning interval, tune in any AM station first, then turn off the power. While holding down the ENTER button, turn the power back on. When you change the interval, AM preset stations will be erased. To reset the interval, repeat the same procedure. Tip The preset stations are retained for half a day even if you unplug the power cord or if a power failure occurs. Saving the power in standby mode (For European and North American models only) You can lower the power consumption to minimum (Power Saving Mode) and save energy in standby mode. ?/1 (Power) DISPLAY ,Press DISPLAY repeatedly when the power is off. Every time you press the button, the system switches as follows: t Demonstration t Clock Power Saving Mode T The system is turned on/off by pressing ?/1. Tips • ?/1 indicator and timer indicator (when the timer is set) light up even in the Power Saving Mode. • The timer works in the Power Saving Mode. Note You cannot set the time in the Power Saving Mode. To cancel the Power Saving Mode Press DISPLAY once to show the demonstration, twice to show the clock display. Basic Operations Basic Operations 1 Press Z OPEN/CLOSE and place a Playing a CD CD on the disc tray. — Normal play If a disc is not placed properly, it will not be recognized. You can play up to three CDs in a row. With the label side up. When DISC SKIP you play a CD EX-CHANGE single, place it on the inner circle of the tray. To insert additional discs, press DISC SKIP EX-CHANGE to rotate the disc tray. 2 Press one of the DISC 1~3 buttons. The disc tray closes and play starts. If you press nN when CD is selected as the function and the disc tray is closed, play starts from the CD loaded on the tray whose disc pointer indicator is lit. Disc pointer indicator Track number Playing time > nN Disc presence Disc tray X indicator number x .> mM CD VOL +/– SHUTTLE 2 PLAY MODE1 . VOLUME CD Xx nN ?/1 (Power) j J l L hH H S s To Do this Stop play Press x. Pause Press X. Press again to resume play. Select a track During play or pause, press > (to go forward) or . (to go back). Find a point in Turn SHUTTLE clockwise (to a track go forward) or counterclockwise (to go back) until it clicks and hold. Release it when you reach the desired point (or press and hold down M or m on the remote). Select a CD Press a DISC 1~3 button or in stop mode DISC SKIP EX-CHANGE (or D. SKIP on the remote). Play only the Press PLAY MODE CD you have repeatedly until “CONTINUE selected 1 DISC” or “SHUFFLE 1 DISC” appears. Play all CDs Press PLAY MODE repeatedly until “CONTINUE ALL DISCS” or “SHUFFLE ALL DISCS” appears. Remove the CD Press Z OPEN/CLOSE. Exchange other Press DISC SKIP EX-CHANGE. CDs while playing Adjust the Turn VOLUME (or press volume VOL +/– on the remote). Tips • You can switch from another source to the CD player and start playing a CD just by pressing the DISC 1~3 buttons (Automatic Source Selection). • If there is no CD in the player, “CD NO DISC” appears in the display. • When a disc tray holding a CD is selected (or the CD in the disc tray is playing) the disc pointer indicator lights. When a disc tray holding a CD is not selected, the disc presence indicator lights, but the disc pointer indicator does not light. When all disc trays are empty, both the disc presence indicator and disc pointer indicator light. Note When a tray has not been detected by the unit, the disc pointer indicator may light even though there is no disc on the tray. Basic Operations Recording a CD — CD Synchro Recording The CD SYNC HI-DUB button lets you record from a CD to a tape easily. You can use TYPE I (normal) or TYPE II (CrO2)* tapes. The recording level is adjusted automatically.* * MHC-BX9/DX9 only DOLBY NR 3 5DISC SKIP EX-CHANGE ?/1 (Power) x 246 1 1 Press Z and insert a recorda...

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