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User manual Sony, model VGN-Z41XD_B

Manafacture: Sony
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If the screen saver is enabled, it may be activated during DVD playback and prevent it from running successfully. Some screen savers have been found to even change the display resolution and colors. What should I do if no image is displayed on my TV screen or external display connected to the HDMI output port? . The HDMI output port is disabled when your computer is in STAMINA mode. Change the performance mode to SPEED mode before connecting an external device to the HDMI output port. See Selecting Performance Modes (page 117) for mode selection. . Make sure you are using an HDCP-compliant display. The copyright protected contents are not displayed on a non-HDCP compliant display. See Connecting a Computer Display (page 98) for more information. Troubleshooting > Display n196 N Why doesn't my screen display a video? . If the display output is directed to the external display and the external display is disconnected, you cannot display a video on your computer screen. Stop video playback, change the display output to the computer screen, and then restart video playback. See Selecting Display Modes (page 106) for changing the display output. Alternatively, you can press the Fn+F7 keys to change the display output. See Combinations and Functions with the Fn Key (page 29) for more information. . The video memory of your computer may be insufficient for displaying high resolution videos. In this case, lower the resolution of the LCD screen. To change the screen resolution, follow these steps: 1 Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize. 2 Click Display Settings. 3 Move the slider under Resolution to the left to reduce or to the right to increase the screen resolution. . You can check the total amount of the graphics and video memory available. Right-click on the desktop, select Personalize, and click Display Settings, Advanced Settings, and the Adaptor tab. The displayed value may be different from the actual amount of memory on your computer. What should I do if my screen is dark? Press the Fn+F6 keys to brighten your computer screen. Troubleshooting > Display n197 N What should I do if the LCD brightness of my screen changes? The LCD brightness setting, adjusted with the Fn+F5/F6 keys, is temporary and may be restored to the original setting when your computer returns to Normal mode from Sleep or Hibernate mode. To save your preference for the brightness, follow these steps: 1 Right-click the power status icon on the taskbar and select Power Options. 2 Click Change plan settings under the current power plan. 3 Click Change advanced power settings. 4 Select the Advanced settings tab. 5 Double-click Display. 6 Adjust the LCD brightness setting in the item for brightness adjustment. What should I do if the external display remains blank? If you cannot change the display output with the Fn+F7 keys, you need to change the settings for the external display with the VAIO Control Center. To change the settings, launch the VAIO Control Center, select the control item for the external display, and then click to select the check box for changing the options to detect the external display. Then, use the Fn+F7 keys to change the display output. Troubleshooting > Display n198 N How do I run Windows Aero? To run Windows Aero, follow these steps: 1 Click Start and Control Panel. 2 Click Customize colors under Appearance and Personalization. 3 Click Open classic appearance properties for more color options. 4 Select Windows Aero from the Color scheme options on the Appearance tab. 5 Click OK. For information about the Windows Aero features, such as Windows Flip 3D, see Windows Help and Support. Troubleshooting > Printing n199 N Printing What should I do if I cannot print a document? . Make sure your printer is on, and the printer cable is securely connected to the ports on the printer and your computer. . Make sure your printer is compatible with the Windows operating system installed on your computer. . You may need to install the printer driver software before you use your printer. See the manual that came with your printer for more information. . If your printer is not functioning after your computer resumes from a power saving mode (Sleep or Hibernate), then restart the computer. . If the bidirectional communication functions are provided with your printer, disabling the functions on your computer may enable printing. Follow these steps: 1 Click Start and Control Panel. 2 Click Printer under Hardware and Sound. 3 Right-click the printer icon and select Properties. 4 Click the Ports tab. 5 Click to cancel the Enable bidirectional support check box. 6 Click OK. This disables the bidirectional communication functions of the printer, such as data transfer, status monitoring, and remote panel. When your printer is connected to the optional docking station, check to see if the docking station is connected to an AC power source. Troubleshooting > Microphone n200 N Microphone What should I do if my microphone does not work...

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