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User manual Carson Optical, model XM-HD Series

Manafacture: Carson Optical
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manual abstract

Innovation In Quality Optics Count on Carson... to bring you and your customers truly innovative, high-quality optics at extraordinary value. We've become a leading supplier in consumer optics for people of all agesand interests. Whether you're a hunter, birder, sports fan, or concert goer, Carson has the perfect optical product to enhance your viewing experience. Our new state-of-the-art design center enables us to offer innovative products and attractive packaging at a reasonable cost. Carson's dedicated sales team provides the personalized support necessary to meet your every need. No-Fault, No-Hassle Warranty* At Carson, we manufacture only the highest quality binoculars. We're so confident in our products that we back them with a No-Fault, No-Hassle Warranty! See our website for details. In the event that your binoculars get damaged, regardless of cause, Carson will repairor replace them fora total cost of $15, which includes all return shipping and handling fees, NO HIDDEN CHARGES! If your binoculars are found to have manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship, Carson will repair or replace your binoculars and return them FREE-OF-CHARGE. Please Call for details. *Battery operated items are protected by our Standard One-Year Limited Warranty. Carson Optical 35 Gilpin Avenue Hauppauge, New York 11788-4723 Phone 631-963-5000 I Fax 631-427-6749 FEATURED IN OUTSIDE MAGAZINE BEST GEAR ISSUE Contents: 3D Series Binoculars 3 VP Series Binoculars 4-5 XM-HD Series Binoculars 6 Full Size Binoculars 7 Compact Binoculars 8-10 Corporate Promotions 10 Scopes 11 3D Series Rifle Scopes 12-13 Monoculars 14 Telescopes 15-17 Digital Microscopes 18-19 Pocket Microscopes 20 Outdoor Toys 21 Tripods / Accessories 22-23 Lens Coating Legend C = Coated FC = Fully-Coated MC = Multi-Coated FMC = Fully Multi-Coated TD-832 8 x 32mm VATEH , IMHHtf TD-842 8 x 42mm VATER TD-042 10 x 42mm Fully Multi-Coated * O-Ring Sealed * Phase Coated * Waterproof * Fog Proof TD-832 TD-842 TD-042 TD-050 TD-042ED Magnification 8 x 32mm 8 x 42mm 10 x 42mm 10 x 50mm 10 x 42mm Prism BAK-4 BAK-4 BAK-4 BAK-4 BAK-4 Lens Coating FMC FMC FMC FMC FMC Field of View 392 ft. 341 ft. 314 ft. 262 ft. 314 ft. Eye Relief 19.5mm 19.5mm 16mm 20mm 16mm Close Focus 6.6 ft. 9.8 ft. 9.8 ft. 13.1 ft. 9.8 ft. Weight 19 oz. 23 oz. 23.2 oz. 26.9 oz. 23.2 oz. ALL 3D BINOCULARS COME WITH OUR BINOARMOR ™ DELUXE POUCH, HARNESS AND NEOPRENE NECK STRAP 3 ✓ NEW! VP-025 | 10 x 25mn Model VP-025 VP-832 VP-842 VP-042 VP-250 Magnification 10 x 25mm 8 x 32mm 8 x 42mm 10 x 42mm 12 x 50mm Prism BAK-4 BAK-4 BAK-4 BAK-4 BAK-4 Lens Coating FMC FMC FMC FMC FMC Field of View 273 ft. 426 ft. 393 ft. 330 ft. 241 ft. Eye Relief 16.5mm 14.7mm 17mm 15mm 18.2mm *1 iK ) Close Focus 9.8 ft. 6.6 ft. 6.6 ft. 6.6 ft. 13.2 ft. Weight 13.7 oz. 18.2 oz. 24.2 oz. 24.4 oz. 30.5 oz y Fully Multi-Coated • Phase Coated • Waterproof • Fog Proof 12 x 50mm XM- HIGH ©DEFINITE HD SERIES Bl DCUU S ULTRA BRIGHT IMAGE XM-050HD id x 50mm High Definition XM-832HD 8 x 32mm HD OPTICAL COATING TO ENHANCE BRIGHTNESS Fully Multi-Coated | 0-Ring Sealed | Phase Coated | Waterproof | Fog Proof XM-042HD 10 x 42mm Model XM-842HD XM-042HD XM-050HD XM-832HD Magnification 8 x 42mm 10 x 42mm 10 x 50mm 8 x 32mm Prism BAK-4 BAK-4 BAK-4 BAK-4 Lens Coating FMC FMC FMC FMC Field of View 330 ft 314 ft 262 ft 420 ft Eye Relief 22mm 17mm 19mm 15.5mm Close Focus 13.1 ft 16 ft 19 ft 9.8 ft Weight 24.3 oz. 24.3 oz. 34 oz. 20.6 oz. m w Our XM-HD Series Binoculars feature an astonishing ...

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