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User manual Galileo, model DN483

Manafacture: Galileo
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II+/III, 18mm MCP Photo cathode sensitivity, .A/lm 230- 800 / 1200- 2200 Gain, maximum 20,000 – 30,000 Resolution, Lp/mm 51- 64 Infrared illuminator Type IR diode Power, mW 75 Illumination angle, degree 8- 10 Illumination spectrum, nm 805 P.S. Technical characteristics may be improved without prior notice. 6 • Make a control shot and find out whether the aiming point coincides with the bullet hit point. (Make the correction again if necessary) ; • Set the protective caps into their places. The device is ready for operation. While performing the adjustment it should be considered that the marking displacement mechanism of the device is equipped with a click holder that displaces the marking both in vertical and horizontal direction. 8. TAKING PHOTOS AND VIDEO SHOOTING DN482/ 483 can be supplied with an optional adapter for photo/ video devices for night photo/video shooting. Night photo shooting with DN482/ 483 is easily performed by 35mm SLR cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Pentax etc. with standard objective lens (50-58 mm focus). Preparation of the device for photo shooting: • Screw the adapter ring supplied in the set (diameter 52mm or 37mm) into the setting place of the light filter of the objective lens in your camera. If the objective lens of your camera has another setting diameter for a light filter (for example, 49mm or 58mm) your have to purchase step up or step down adapter rings from the 52 mm to your size. Such adapters are typically sold at camera stores. 15 7. ADJUSTMENT OF THE SCOPE ON THE RIFLE Type and dimensions of the reticle The type and dimensions are represented on the drawing. The brightness of the reticle may be adjusted by the knob ( 8). The dimensions are quoted in meters for the 100 m distance. For a distance other than 100m the dimensions must be calculated accordingly in proportion. Before adjusting of the scope its objective should be set for a distant object (select infinity) in dark time with the opened cover of the objective. The adjustment of the scope should be performed either in daytime with the closed cover of the objective or in the twilight using an adjusted target or a remote point. Adjustment of the scope is performed in the following way: • Fix the scope on the rifle. • Set a panel with a target or select the point of aiming. • Set the rifle on the scope machine. • Direct the rifle to the point of aiming by mechanical sight (bead with a slot) (if possible). At this stage it is suitable to apply laser of cold test shooting (LCTS) inserted in the barrel of the rifle, which indicates geometrical point of the barrel position (sold separately) . • Unscrew the protective caps of the reticle adjustment screws. Turning those screws obtain the matching of reticle crosshairs with the aimed point, set by the mechanical sight or LCTS; • Remove the rifle from scoped machine and take out LCTS; • Make 2-3 shots. Having examined the target make necessary corrections (for example, in order to move the hit point downwards and leftwards, screws be turned counter clockwise, in the directions Down and Left correspondingly. The aiming point is moving upwards and rightwards correspondingly) ; 14 4. SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES DN482/483 is supplied in the following assembly: - Device 1 pc. - Objective lens cap 1 pc. - Rubber eyepiece guard 1 pc. - Weaver rifle mount 1 pc. - User’s manual 1 pc. - Warranty card 1 pc. - Case 1 pc. Optional accessories: -Weaver rail rifle mount (7/8’’) 1 pc. - Built-in IR illuminator 1 pc. - Camera/video adapter (52mm/37mm) 1 pc./each -Side mount for East European type rifle. 1 pc. 5. OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS WARNING! NEVER OPERATE YOUR NIGHT VISION DEVICE IN DAYLIGHT AREAS WITHOUT THE LENS COVER ON! NEVER AIM THE LENS IN THE DIRECTION OF BRIGHT LIGHT! a. Battery installation DN482/483 requires two AA batteries. Make sure that the batteries are in good condition and polarity is installed as it is indicated on the body of battery compartment (5). In order to change the batteries unscrew the cover of battery compartment (5) and install the new batteries, observing correct polarity. NOTE: In order to ensure the longest of the device and full power of the IR illuminator (using one set of batteries) it is 7 recommended to use Alkaline batteries, which ensure the most stable performance. b. Testing of operation in a daytime During the bright time of the day: Turn on the on/off switch (9). The lens cap (6) must be on. Direct the device at an object placed within 10-20 m from the viewer. Turn the focus knob ( 10) and eye-piece (3) try to achieve the sharpest image on the screen of the image tube. NOTE: The device won’t burn out even if it is exposed to a bright light. The automatic shut-off system will make the screen dark. After replacing the device into dark environment the tube will recover in few seconds. CAUTION! The device is not supposed to be directed at a bright source of light: bright lamps, the sun, welding and etc – it may result in the reduction of the light gain o...

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