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User manual Elinca, model BX 400

Manafacture: Elinca
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Select the power with the touch pad (15). The modelling light output (100%) is achieved when the power value is set to maximum. Proportional modelling lamp, is set when the position "PROP" is selected (led is illuminated), the light output is proportional to the selected flash power. For all types of Style BX compact flash units use only 250 W MAX. lamps Modelling lamps and fuse for 90/140V Unit Modelling lamp Code Socket Fuse Code Style 100BX 150W halostar 23019 E27 4AF 19035 Style 400BX 150W halostar 23019 E27 4AF 19035 Option: 150W halogen 23031 GX 6,35 4AF 19035 Option: 200W halogen 23033 GX 6,35 4AF 19035 Modelling light for mains voltage 190/260V Use 150W/240V halostar, code 23035 or 200W/240V halogen GX 6.35, code 23034 If the modelling lamp does not illuminate, this may be due to the following: 1. The filament is broken after long use *(replace lamp and fuse) 2. The filament is broken after shock *(replace lamp and fuse) 3. An internal component failure, *(return the unit to customer service) * Action required: This lamp socket adapter E27 to GX 6.35 (code 23101) allows the use of the halogen lamp 300W, GX 6.35 (code 23022) for Style 100 and 400 BX units. GX 6.35 E27 10 5 9 Cell Power display 10 5 9 Cell Power display Digital power display The actual flash power is displayed in a f-stop compatible format. The power range is 5 f-stops. The digital display, provides continuous power indication of the flash and modelling lamp. The controls cover a continuous output range from full power 1/1 to 1/16th in 1/10th, f-stop intervals. During charging or discharging, the display "flashes". In case of overheating or malfunction, the display shows «ER» for error. Note: The "Style 100BX - 400BX" units have an integrated discharge system, protected by a thermic switch. To avoid overheating, lower power settings of more than 2f-stop, can be discharged manually by releasing the flash with the «Test» touch button. Photocell The photocell is actived when the green LED (on the touch pad 9) is illuminated. When switched ON, the unit can be remotely triggered by another flash unit ! The Style BX photocell is specially designed to work under ambiant light conditions in your studio. Direct light or other strong light sources may reduce the sensitivity of the cell. In difficult situations e.g. blinding, sunlight or obstacles, the additional cell with 5 m cord (extensions available) solves most problems. Photocell receptor Modellling Test and ready light controls Cordless flash control EL-Skyport triggers flashes without sync cords over a distance of approximately 100 m. Further detailed information please find under : / Products / RX Multi Remote Transmitter EL-Skyport Universal Set (19360) Universal receiver Sychronisation socket 6 The standard socket 3.5 mm mini-jack (6). N.B. Do not link ELINCHROM units by cable to other manufacturers sync Sync outlets. ELINCHROM uses the low voltage (5 V) for security reasons. Open flash "test" Test and Ready Having pressed the touch pad to release a flash, the green «READY» light will appear again once the unit is recharged. If the green light does not appear the charge system could be defective. Please contact and send to an authorized Elinchrom service. Audible recharge signal Beep Select the function with the touch pad (8), the green indicator appears. Once recycled an acoustic signal indicates that the compact unit is ready. Troubleshooting 1. The mains switch (3) is ON ("I" position), but not light up: • Switch OFF the unit and change the mains fuse (2) • Use only time-lag fuse (16 AT), corresponding to the Style RX model 2. The switch (3) is lit, the open flash ready is lighting up but does not function. • The flashtube in the flashhead may be faulty (see page 11) • If replacing the flashtube does not solve the problem, the cause could be a component failure => please return the unit to an authorised Elinchrom service. 3. The ON/OFF switch (3) is lit but the open flash signal (6) is not lit • Temporary break for overheating, caused by fast flash sequences or ventilation slots obturated • Fan cooling defective => the unit turns off automatically and cannot be fired any more. After a break for cooling, the flash is ready again for operation. • If after several minutes of break for cooling the ready signal (6) is not lit, the cause could be a component failure. However, high voltage may remain on the capacitor circuits. => DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THE UNIT. In this case please send the unit to an authorised Elincrom station. Flashtube replacement If the unit does not flash but the ON/OFF switch indicates that there is power, it could be that the flash tube needs replacing. Note:Flash tubes (Swiss quality) have a long life with average use, but multiflashing in long sequences can cause overheating of the electrodes leading to premature ageing, or perhaps the flastube is broken or cracked. To replace the flash tube: 1. Switch off the mains switch 2. Remove the mains...

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