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User manual Curtis, model MP257

Manafacture: Curtis
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manual abstract

2.0 Full Speed Interface ID3 Tag Ver2, Artist Album, Title Music Play - Normal, Repeat One, Repeat All, Shuffle, Repeat Displays - Audio Format, Play Mode, Current Track Number, Battery status, Volume Level, Equalizer, Record Status, Lock, USB Connection, Elapsed Time, Total Time, Menu Settings Voice Recording - IMA ADPCM Voice Recording Format INDIVIDUAL BOX DIMENSIONS MASTER CARTON DIMENSIONS Length: 7.25 inches Length: 16.77 inches Width: 2.00 inches Width: 8.27 inches Height: 9.75 inches Height: 10.75inches Weight: 1.00 lbs Weight: 6.00 lbs UPC: 0 58465 74654 4 Quantity: 6/ctn 40 Ft Container: 13200 pcs/ctn 315 Attwell Drive, Toronto - Ontario, M9W 5C1 Tel: (416) 674-2123 Fax: (416) 674-2135 email: info@curtisint.com - Website: www.curtisint.com...


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