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User manual Panasonic, model RX-DX1

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Photos and specs  Panasonic  RX-DX1
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tu The Radio: manual tuning 1 Press [TUNER/BAND] to select “FM” or “AM”. 2 Press [-/W^] or [+/►►!] to select a station. 3 Press [VOL VOL +] to adjust the volume. until the frequency starts Auto-tuning Press and hold [-/W^] or [+/ changing rapidly. Auto-tuning stops when it finds a station. (Interference may also cause it to stop. Start auto-tuning again if this occurs.) To stop auto-tuning Press [-/K^] or [+/I Using auto scan Remote control only You can search for a station by listening to all tuned-in stations for 8 seconds each. -! H Press [TUNER] to select “FM” or “AM”. C J 1 Press [AUTO SCAN]. Auto scan starts. & Press [AUTO SCAN] when you find the desired station. Auto scan ends when it reaches the original frequency again. To stop during the process, press [AUTO SCAN], Q To improve reception FM: Change the length and position of the antenna. AM: Change the facing of the unit. To improve reception when using the unit in a building or vehicle use it near a window. AUTO SCAN AUTO SCAN Auto Scan- IS Ü I. bu Ü8.3Ü I I I If noise is excessive in FM Remote control only Press [PLAY MODE] to display “(mono)”. Monaural sound is selected and noise reduces when reception is weak. Press [PLAY MODE] again to cancel the mode. B LL AM 1 T Jj . rM op in I~Ï1 UÜ. Iu PLAY MODE Q RQT6232 PGM/CLEAR 1 o 2 O 3 o 4 5 6 fc10 O o o o 7 8 9 0 O o, kO o 1 PRESET SCAN Preset Scan PS ■Preset channel A-:. nF LJLJ II I I j UU. IIJ The Radio: preset tuning Remote control only Tuning is simpler if you pre-set stations. Preparation: Press [TUNER] to select “FM” or “AM’ Pre-setting radio stations You can pre-set 12 FM and 12 AM stations. ~ll~l in 1 2 3 Tune to the station you want to preset. H page 10) Press [PGM/CLEAR]. While “(pgm)” is flashing Press the numbered buttons to enter the station into a channel (1 to 12). •To enter channels 10, 11, and 12 Press [>10], then the two digits. 4 Repeat steps 1 -3 to preset other stations. To select channels Press the numbered button(s) to select the channel (1 to 12). To select channel 10, 11 or 12, press [>10], then the two digits. D Using preset scan You can search for a station by listening to all preset channels for 8 seconds each. 1 Press [PRESET SCAN] and “PS” appears on the display. Preset scan starts. 2 Press [-/K^] or [►►!/+] when you find the desired channel. Preset scan ends after searching through each preset channel once. To stop during the process, press [-/W^] or [ ►W/+]. The station occupying a channel is erased if another station is preset in that channel. OO II I hi I UU. IU RQT6232 Listening Listening 'F CUI£ REW'Rl:V 2 (5l Tooc i i ii L __II L J i ..... ....... ..... 3 4 Cassettes Press [B/± STOP/EJECT] to open the deck and load a cassette. Close the deck by hand. Press [TAPE/OFF DOZE] to switch to tape mode. Press [M PLAY] to start play. Press [VOL VOL +] to adjust the volume. To stop play Press [M/± STOP/EJECT]. To eject tape Stop tape play, then press [l/± STOP/EJECT]. To pause Press [II PAUSE] during playback. To resume, press [II PAUSE]. The unit’s power is on in the pause mode. Stop tape to turn the unit off by pressing [■/£ STOP/EJECT] when leaving the unit. One touch play When a cassette is loaded, press [ The unit comes on and play starts. PLAY]. Fast-forward and rewind Stop tape play, then press [►► REW/REV] (rewind). FF/CUE] (fast-forward) or To find a particular spot Press and hold FF/CUE] (to search forward) or [►► REW/REV] (to search backward) during playback. Play is resumed when the button is released. Full auto-stop The automatic stop system will release the buttons when the tape reaches the end during play, recording, fast forwarding or rewinding. Selection of tapes This unit is suitable for playing normal position tapes, but high and metal position tapes will not be played to their full potential. Cassette tape care Tapes exceeding 100 minutes are thin and can break or get caught in the mechanism. Tape slack can get caught up in the mechanism and should be taken up before the tape is played. Endless tapes can get caught up in the deck’s moving parts if used incorrectly. 12 RQT6232 1 Exposed tape upward Side to be recorded facing you Recording You can record radio broadcasts or CDs. Before recording • This unit is suitable for recording norma! tapes, but it cannot record onto high and metal position tapes to their full potential and prior recordings will not be erased correctly. • The recording level is set automatically. • Take up the leader tape before proceeding. Your attention is drawn to the fact that recording prerecorded tapes or discs or other published or broadcast material may infringe copyright laws. 1 b| To re-record Normal tape \ \ — Adhesive tape Press [B/± STOP/EJECT] to open the deck and load a cassette. Close the deck by hand. Select the source to be recorded. When recording ra...


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