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User manual Panasonic, model RC-Q720

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Piease keep this manual for future reference. Hiniejsza inslrukcja zostala opracowana na podstawie otyginatnej publikacjt finny MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. EP Matsushita Electric industrial Co., Ltd. (En) (Щ) Web Site: íp?) (c¡) RQTW0042-R F0303TTO Specifications Radio Frequency Range: FM: 65.00-108.00 MHz LW: 1 <18.5—285 kHz Power Output: 250 rnW+250 mW (RMS...max.) Speaker: 4 cm Power Requirement: AC: 230-240 V, 50 Hz Power Consumption; 6 W Memory back-up battery for clock: 9 V (6F22/6LR61, 006P) Dimensions (WxHxD): 215x64x149 mm Mass: 783 g (without battery) Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Mass and dimensions are approximate. 1 Технические характеристики Диапазон радиочастот: FM: 65,00-108,00 МГц LW: 148,5-285 кГц Выходная мощностью 250 мВтч-250 мВт (среднеквадратичная...макс.) Динамик: 4 см Требования к электропитанию: Перегл: 230-240 В, 50 Гц Потребляемая мощность; 6 Вт Батарея резервного питания для часов: 9 В (6F22/6LR61, 00GP) Размеры (ШХВХГ): 215x64x149 мм Вес: 783 г (без батареек) Power supply Энергоснабжение Zasiianie Napájení Using AC mains lend EJ Dry cell memory back-up battery (not included) El This battery saves the clock and alarm settings if there is a power interruption. If the power is interrupted »The lime display clears until I he unit is turned on again. The clock can gain or lose up to six minutes an hour while the power is interrupted. °The radio and radio alarm do not work while the power is interrupted. The beep alarm continues to function. Replacing the battery »The service life of this battery is approximately 1 year. of), after a power interruption, Ihe display Hashes after turning the unit on again, the battery needs to be replaced. Setting the time El Reset the clock regularly lo maintain accuracy. (Monthly accuracy -17-30 seconds) While pressing and holding [TIME SET, (jfoJda)], press [FWD] or [REV] to set the time. [FWD]: Increases Ihe time by one-minute units. [REV]: Decreases the time by one-minule units, »increase the speed by also pressing [FAST]. »The seconds are reset to zero whenever [FWDJ or [REV] is pressed. U Time display 2-1 -hour time display til To check the second display Press and hold [DOZE], The minutes and the seconds will appear. ¡a Changing Ihe brightness of the time display [HIGH]: For a bright display [LOW]: For a dim display Cautions f Align the poles (-10 and (9 properly when inserting the battery. t>Do not heat or disassemble the batteries. Do not allow Ihem to contact flame or water. ® Remove the battery il the unit is not to be used for a long time. «Do not peel off Ihe covering on batteries and do not use if the covering has been peeled off. Mishandling of battery can cause electrolyte leakage which can damage items Ihe lluid contacts and may cause a lire. If eleclroiyle leaks from the battery, consult your dealer. Wash thoroughly with water il eiectroiyle comes in contact with any part of your body. oThese speakers do not have magnetic shielding. Do not place them near televisions, personal computers or olher devices easily influenced by magnetism. ° Avoid using or placing this unit near sources of heat. cThis product may receive radio interference caused by mobile telephones during use. II such interference is apparent, please increase separation between Ihe product and Ihe mobile telephone. CAUTION! “DO MOT INSTALL OR PLACE THIS UNIT JN A BOOKCASE, BUILT-IN CABINET OR IN ANOTHER CONFINED SPACE. ENSURE THE UNIT IS WELL VENTILATED. TO PREVENT RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK OR FIRE HAZARD DUE TO OVERHEATING, ENSURE THAT CURTAINS AND ANY OTHER MATERIALS DO NOT OBSTRUCT THE VENTILATION VENTS. *DO NOT OBSTRUCT THE UNIT’S VENTILATION OPENINGS WITH NEWSPAPERS, TABLECLOTHS, CURTAINS, AND SIMILAR ITEMS. *DO NOT PLACE SOURCES OF NAKED FLAMES, SUCH AS LIGHTED CANDLES, ON THE UNIT, u DISPOSE OF BATTERIES IN AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MANNER. & THIS UNIT IS INTENDED FOR USE IN MODERATE CLIMATES. WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK OR PRODUCT DAMAGE, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPARATUS TO RAIN, MOISTURE, DRIPPING OR SPLASHING AND THAT NO OBJECTS FILLED WITH LIQUIDS, SUCH AS VASES, SHALL BE PLACED ON THE APPARATUS. I.taikinij sign is located on bottom ol the unit. Исnam.заoamto сетевого шнура переменного тока ЕЗ Батарейка резервной памяти сухого типа (не прилагается} ш Эта батарейка сохраняет установки часоп it будильника, если происходит сбой пн тан мп. Если происходит сбой питании •Дисплеи часов очищается до тех пор. пока аппарат снова на шслючаотсп. Часы могут уходить и пор од или отставать на время до шести минут с час во о рем я сбоя электропитания, »Радиоприемник и будильник радиоприемника не работают во арегдп сбоя электропитания. Сигнал зуммера продолжает работать. За...


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