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User manual Aquatic AV, model Self Contained MP3 Housing For Spa/Boat AQ-DM-1R

Manafacture: Aquatic AV
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manual abstract

The AQ-DM-1R has on-board power (50W X 4), FM Tuner (USA/EURO) and an RF Transportable Remote. Its sole design objective is to provide a waterproof housing for portable digital media. SPECIFICATIONS Tuner Tuner Pre-Sets On Remote Material BASF 897 Non-Corrosive Rubber RF Remote Display Data Range 87.7-107.9MHz 6 Pre-sets Outside Chassis Door Seal LCD Basic Functions 30 ft Power Operating Power Requirement 12V Battery Life Expectancy on RF Remote 2 Years Power Harness Yes Speaker Harness Yes Amplifier 50 x 4 Digital Multi-Environment Certifications IP66 Compliant CFR46 NA ASTM D4329 Yes ASTMB117 Yes Bouyancy NA Dimensions Height Width Length Mounting Depth Including Digital Amp General Master Carton Retail Package Maximum Mounting Angle Weight Each 6.75” 8.75” 3.5” 4 OEM ONLY Unlimited 1.6lbs 171mm 222mm 89mm FEATURES General FM Tuner/ US/Euro 1 Year Warranty 12V Digial Amp AV RCA Output R/L/V Compatible Accessories AQ-SPKSB (Sub Box) AQ-SPKSB-2 (Sub Box) AQ-SPK2.0 (2” Component Speaker) AQ-SPK3.0 (3” Component Speaker) AQUATIC AV 2007 Aquatic AV Inc. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice...


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