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User manual Bosch, model HSB745055E/01

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• With the ( hot air ) function, the food is cooked by preheated air which is circulat- ed around the oven using a fan. The oven is heated up very quickly, which means that the food can also be placed in a cold oven. In addition, it is possible to bake/roast on two levels at the same time. • The "Rapid defrost" function works without a heating element; only the oven lighting and the hot air are used. • When grilling , an increased heat setting is used which means that the food is quickly browned on the top. This is par-ticularly useful for meat which must remain tender on the inside. To set the grill function, turn the control knob ( H) to one of either the (Grill), (maxigrill) or (maxigrill + hot air) posi-tions. Keep the oven door closed while the grill is being used. Cooking under the grill + on the spit (only on certain models) Set the control knob to the grill setting ; The grill will also be in operation, allowing you to grill on the spit. Thread the meat you wish to roast onto the length of spit "S", securing it in place at either end using adjustable forks "F"; slot the spit into hole "E" featured on support "A" and screw handle "D" off the spit (fig. 2). Position support A on the third rack height from the bottom (fig. 3) slotting rod "C" into hole "G" of the spit motor (fig. 4). For a smoother fit, turn the spit rod as you slot it in place. 34 Operating instructions GB Position the dripping pan on the first rack height from the bottom (level B, fig. 3). This level is exclusively for inserting the pan when using the turnspit and/or grill. Before closing the oven door, make sure rod "C" fits correctly into hole "G" of the spit motor shaft (fig. 4). FS E A D C G Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Level Oven lighting The oven lighting is switched on automatically when you turn the control knob ( H ) to any position to select a function. Turn the temperature control knob to 0 °C if you wish to switch on the oven lighting without a heating element. Indicator lamp Indicates the oven’s preheating phase; it goes out when the oven reaches the temperature set using the control knob. The light will then alternate between off and on. This indicates that the thermostat is working correctly to keep the oven tem-perature constant. Cleaning and care To ensure that you get the best from your cooker for many years to come, you should observe the following points when cleaning it: • Switch off the cooker at the mains before starting to clean it. • Avoid cleaning parts of the oven which are still warm. • Enamelled, chrome and glass components must be cleaned with lukewarm water only. Do not use abrasive powders or corrosive cleaning agents which might damage these parts. • The oven should be cleaned with warm water and washing-up liquid and then rinsed and dried after every use. • The steel parts, especially those areas with symbols on them, must not be cleaned using detergents or abrasive cleaning agents. It is better to use a soft, damp cloth and washing-up liquid (wiping along the grain of the stainless steel). Methylated spirits may be used to remove stubborn dirt from stainless steel. Once the cooker has been removed, the parts should be rinsed thoroughly and dried using a soft cloth. 35 GB GB Operating instructions • The surfaces may be treated to retain their shine once they have been cleaned. Only use products which are specifically formulated for stainless steel. • Acidic substances (vinegar, lemon juice, abrasive cleaning agents etc.) should be removed from enamelled or varnished parts immediately. • The removable gas burner rings should be cleaned regularly with warm water and washing-up liquid to remove any dried-on food residues. Check that the gas outlets have not become blocked. Dry the burners carefully before using them again. • The tips of the gas igniter should be cleaned regularly. • Do not use steam cleaners to clean your oven. E 14 15 or 25 W 230 V~ A Fig. 5 Replacing the oven light First ensure that the cooker is not connected to the electricity mains. Unscrew the glass protection cap from inside the oven (fig. 5), then unscrew the bulb and replace it with a heat-resistant (300 °C) bulb with the following specifications: Voltage 230V – Power 15 or 25 watts – Thread E 14. Disassembling/assembling the oven door In-depth cleaning of the oven becomes more convenient if the door is removed following the instructions below: Completely open the door and press it down gently (fig. 6 ) to allow the hooks "A" of the hinge to locate inside the cavity "B" (fig. 7). Using both hands, pull the door towards you until it comes off the oven (weight of the oven door kg. 13.920). To reassemble the door, reverse the above procedure. Advice on baking and roasting The cooking times can vary depending on the type of food, whether it must be evenly cooked, and its size. You should initially select the shorter cooking time of those listed below, and extend it if necessary. B A A Fig. 6 Fig. 7 36 GB GB Advice on baking and roasting Ba...

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