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User manual Oregon, model WR606

Manafacture: Oregon
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manual abstract

This weather station is constructed of durable materials and has a reception range of up to 50 miles (64 km). It is also equipped with weather information display, digital clock and daily alarm. Keep this manual handy as you use your new product. It contains practical step-by-step instructions, as well as technical specifications and warnings you should know. ABOUT THE NATIONAL WEATHER RADIO SYSTEM The National Weather Service (NWS) is an agency within the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that operates a nationwide network of radio stations known as the NOAA Weather Radio (NWR). The NWR radio system broadcasts warning information for all types of hazards, both natural and technological. Working in conjunction with the Emergency Alert System (EAS), NWR is an all-in-one hazards radio network and is considered to be the single source of all comprehensive weather and emergency information. A nationwide network, the NWR consists of more than 900 stations in 50 states, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and US Pacific Territories. Broadcasts are designed to meet local needs. Routine programming is repeated every few minutes and consists of local forecast, regional conditions and marine forecasts. Additional information, including river stages and climatic data, is also provided. During emergencies, these routine broadcasts are interrupted to report specific warnings. CONSUMER ELECTRONICS ASSOC. (CEA) This product complies with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) testing standards. PRODUCT OVERVIEW FRONT VIEW 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1. Remote outdoor sensor reception icon 2. Barometric pressure 3. Outdoor temperature and humidity 4. Weather forecast 5. Indoor temperature and humidity 6. Alarm icon 7. Radio channel 8. Clock / Alarm / Calendar / NOAA alert messages / Setting options display 9. MENU: Press to switch between clock, calendar, alarm 1 and 2 displays; press and hold to enter setting mode; confirm setting value 10. EXIT: Press to exit any setting mode or return to clock display 11. / : Increase / decrease settings; increase / decrease volume; enable / disable alarm 1 or 2 12. SNOOZE / LIGHT: Press to activate 8-minute snooze or backlight for 5 seconds; press and hold to disable snooze function 13. Antenna 14. External antenna jack 15. External speaker jack 16. AC / DC adaptor jack BACK VIEW 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1. NOAA: Press to switch between NOAA On / Standby / Mute / Off modes; press and hold to turn On / Off NOAA display 2. MSG: Press to switch between NOAA alert messages; press and hold to activate / deactivate keypad lock 3. MEM: Press to switch between the current, maximum and minimum temperature or humidity reading; press and hold to clear all maximum / minimum records 4. CH: Press to switch between temperature and humidity display; press and hold to enable auto-scan of remote outdoor sensor channels 5. PRESSURE: Press to select the barometric pressure unit (mb and inHg); press and hold to set the altitude compensation range for barometric reading 6. : Press to adjust the altitude when setting the altitude compensation range 7. RESET: Press to reset the unit to default value 8. °C / °F: Switch to select the temperature unit GETTING STARTED - MAIN UNIT ADAPTOR AND BATTERIES You must use the AC/DC adaptor as the main source of power supply. Make sure the adaptor is not obstructed and the adaptor socket is easily accessible to the unit. Batteries serve as back-up only. Use 3 pieces of AA (UM-3) 1.5V batteries. Insert batteries before first use, matching the polarity. Press RESET after each battery change. LOCATION MEANING in outdoor temperature area Remote outdoor sensor batteries low in NOAA area Main unit batteries low TURN THE NOAA RADIO ON / OFF To turn the NOAA radio ON / OFF, press and hold NOAA. When the unit is first connected or reset, it will immediately enter the clock / language setting mode (see Change Settings section). It is advisable to set your preferred language English (E), French (F) or Spanish (S) at this time, so you can read the NOAA alert messages. DISPLAY MODES There are 2 display modes: 1. Clock mode To switch between the clock mode displays, press MENU. 2. Radio status mode To switch between the radio status mode displays, press NOAA. NOTE Leaving the unit in NOAA ON mode will consume substantially more power. To save power, set the unit to NOAA Standby when you are not listening to radio broadcasts. CHANGE SETTINGS To change clock, alarm, channel and location settings: 1. Press and hold MENU for 2 seconds to enter setting mode. 2. Press or to scroll through the setting options (Set Alarm / Set Clock / Set Channel / Set Location) and press MENU to select the desired one. one. 3. Use or to change a setting, then press MENU to confirm and move onto the next one. 4. Press EXIT to leave the setting mode at any time. NOTE To reach a number quickly, press and hold or . RECEPTION SIGNAL STATUS To check the status of the reception signal, look a...

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