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User manual Bosch, model SGI45M55GB/35

Manafacture: Bosch
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Intensive drying If the “Intensive drying” function is activated, the temperature of the final rinse is increased in all programmes and you will therefore receive an improved drying result. (Note the higher temperature may not be suitable for fragile utensils.) Hold down the programme button A and switch on the main switch. Release both buttons. The digital display 3 flashes (on) or (off). To change the setting, press the programme button A . Switch off the main switch 1 ; the setting is stored. en Additional functions * on some models additional functions can be set with the buttons. . . . . ! . . . . ! . ! . ! . Half load* If you have only a few items to wash (e.g. glasses, cups, plates), you can switch to “Half load”. The “half load” additional function saves water, energy and time. It is recommended to put a little less detergent in the detergent dispenser than for a full load. Maintenance and care A regular inspection and maintenance of your machine will help to prevent faults. This saves time and prevents problems. Therefore you should occasionally have a careful look inside your dishwasher. Overall condition of the machine Check spray arm for grease and limescale deposits. If you find such deposits: Fill the detergent dispenser with detergent, start the appliance without utensils in the programme which has the highest wash temperature. Clean the appliance with detergents/ appliance cleaners which are particularly suitable for use with dishwashers. Regularly wipe the door seal with a damp cloth to remove deposits. Never use a steam cleaner to clean your dishwasher. The manufacturer is not liable for any consequential damage. Regularly wipe the front of the appliance and panel with a damp cloth; water and a little washing-up liquid will suffice. Do not use sponges with a rough surface or abrasive detergents, as these could scratch the surfaces. Attention! Never use other chlorinated household detergents! Health hazard! Special dishwasher salt Check the LOW SALT indicator 6 . Top up with salt, if required. Rinse-aid As soon as the rinse-aid refill indicator lights up on the control panel 7 , refill with rinse aid. en Filters Reassembly: Insert the filter system and screw down The filters 25 prevent larger remnants of with the filter cylinder. food or other objects from getting inside the pump. This residue can occasionally clog up the filters. The filter system consists of a filter cylinder, a flat fine filter and, depending on the model, a microfilter (*). Inspect the filters for obstructions every time the dishwasher has been used. By unscrewing the filter cylinder, you can remove the filter system. Remove any food remnants and clean the filters under running water. en 23 Spray arms Lime and remnants of food in the washing water can block the nozzles in the spray arms 22 and 23 and the arm mountings . Inspect the nozzles in the spray arms for blocked holes due to remnants of ...

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