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User manual Bosch, model SGS46M62AU/01

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Damage to glassware and other dishes Possible causes: type of glass or manufacturing process chemical composition of detergent water temperature and duration of dishwasher programme. Suggested remedy: Use glassware or porcelain dishes that have been marked ’dishwasher–proof’ by the manufacturer. Use a mild detergent that is described as ’kind to dishes’. If necessary, seek further information from detergent manufacturers. Select a programme with as low a temperature and as short a duration as possible. To prevent damage, take glass and cutlery out of the dishwasher as soon as possible after the programme has ended. Loading the dishwasher Remove large food remnants. It is not necessary to rinse them off under running water. When loading the dishwasher, ensure that all utensils are secure and cannot fall over. the openings of all receptacles are face down. curved or indented utensils are at an incline, allowing water to drain. the two spray arms can rotate freely. Very small items should not be washed in the dishwasher as they could easily fall out of the baskets. Removing the dishes To prevent water dripping from the top basket onto the dishes in the lower basket, we recommend that you empty the lower basket first and then the top basket. Cups and glasses Upper basket 20 * not included with all models aus 9 Pots and pans Lower basket 26 Cutlery Cutlery should be placed in the dishwasher always unsorted and with the eating surface pointing downwards. The spray jet is then better able to reach the individual parts. To prevent injuries, place long, pointed accessories and knives on the etagere (some models) or on the knife shelf (available as an accessory). Folding spikes * * on applicable models To improve stacking of pots and pans, the spikes can be folded down. Shelf * * not on all models Lean tall glasses and those with long stems against the shelf – not against other items to be washed. The cup shelf can be inserted into either position 1 or 2 as shown in diagram. Note: With the cup shelf in position 2, the top basket must be locked into the upper position to prevent interference with each other. Long items such as serving utensils, kitchen knives, etc should be place on the shelf and not in the cutlery baskets so they do not obstruct the rotation of the spray arms. When not in use the shelf can be fold back. aus Small accessories holder* Top basket with upper and * some models lower roller pairs Light-weight plastic accessories, e.g. cups, Pull out the top basket. lids, etc. can be held securely in the small Remove the top basket and re-attach accessories holder. it to the upper or lower rollers. Adjusting the height of the basket * * some models If required, the height of the upper utensils basket can be adjusted to provide more space for tall utensils either in the upper or lower basket. Top basket with side levers (Rackmatic) Pull out the top basket. To lower the basket, press in one lever and then the other situated on the left and right of the basket exterior, holding the basket firmly on the sides of the upper edge to prevent it from falling down. Appliance height in cm 81 86 Max. o in cm upper 20/25* 20/25* max. o in cm lower 30/25* 34/29* Select one of the two following procedures according to the design of the top basket for your appliance model: To raise the basket, hold the basket on the sides of the upper edge and lift it up. Before re-inserting the basket again, ensure that it is at the same height on both sides. Otherwise, the appliance door cannot be closed and the upper spray arm will not be connected to the water circuit. aus Detergent You can use commercially available liquid or powder proprietary detergents for dishwashers or TABS (do not use handwash!). If phosphate-free detergents are used with hard tap water, white deposits may be deposited more easily on utensils and the contai...

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