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User manual Bosch, model SGU47M45AU/01

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If you are using detergent in tablet form, read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the packaging in order to determine where the tablets should be placed inside the dishwasher (e.g. in cutlery basket, detergent compartment, etc.). Make sure that the lid on the detergent compartment is closed, even if you are using tablets. aus auto 3in1 The use of so-called combined detergent products may make the use of rinse aid and/or salt unnecessary. There are currently several types of combined detergent products available. 2in1: They contain detergent and rinse aid or salt function. 3in1: They contain detergent, rinse aid and salt function. 4in1: They contain a detergent, rinse-aid, salt function and an additional glass protection component. In addition, other combined products with a comparable effect are offered according to the manufacturer. >>> Always check the type of detergent or combined product which you are using! Always follow the operating instructions or the information on the packaging. The rinse programme is automatically adjusted in order to obtain the best possible rinsing and drying result. If in doubt, please contact the detergent manufacturer, especially if: the utensils are very wet at the end of the programme. limescale forms. Note Optimum rinsing and drying results can be obtained by using standard detergents in conjunction with separate application of salt and rinse aid. Observance of the operating instructions or information on the packaging of the combined detergents determines their effectiveness. Note Even if the rinse aid and/or salt refill indicator is lit, the rinse programme runs correctly when 3in1 products are used. If the rinse aid refill indicator 8 is defective and you would like to switch it off, proceed as follows: Switching the rinse aid refill indicator off and on You can switch the rinse aid refill indicator 8 on or off. This function can be changed as follows. Close the door. Hold down the programme button and press the main switch 1 until the digital display lights up, then release the buttons. 3 is indicated on the digital display (rinse aid refill indicator on). By pressing the programme button 4 , you can switch off or switch on the rinse aid indicator. Switch off the main switch 1 ; the setting is saved. aus Programme overview This overview lists the max. possible number of programmes. The programmes supplied with your appliance are indicated on the fascia. Intensive 70° Drying Drying 2:18 1,65 16 13 1:30-2:20 1,15-1,60 – 10-17 Type of crockery e.g.china, pots/pans, cutlery, glasses, etc. Type of food remains Amount of food remains Condition of food remains Wash programme Programme sequence Programme details Duration in minutes with heat exchanger Electricity consumption in kWh with heat exchanger Water consumption in litres with Aquasensor Nondelicate Soups, casseroles, sauces, potatoes, pasta, rice, eggs, roast or fried food a lot very little stuck on hard Eco 50° Quick 45° Pre-rinse Rinse-aid 70° Drying Main rinse Main rinse Rinse-aid 55° Wash 45° Rinse-aid 65° Wash 50° Rinse off if the dishes have been stacked for several days in the dishwasher prior to washing. Pre-rinse Mixed Normal/ Delicate Mixed Normal 45° Rinse-aid 45° Drying a little loosely attached Third rinse Pre-rinse 50° Wash 70° First rinse Second rinse medium The programme sequence isoptimized and adapted with howthe appliance is loaded and howdirty the dishes are. Pre-rinse Main rinse Wash 45° Pre-rinse Soups, potatoes, pasta, rice, eggs, roast or fried food Coffee, cakes, milk, sausage, cold drinks, salads 2:20 1,05 14 – 2:20 0,75 13,6 – 0:30 0,80 10 – 0:20 0,05 4 – Laboratory measured value in accordance with AS/NZS 2007 Auto 55°/65° aus Washing dishes Programme selection The most appropriate programme can be identified by comparing the type of crockery, cutlery, etc., as well as the amount and condition of food remains, with the details contained in the programme overview. The corresponding programme sequence, duration and consumption details are shown in the bottom half of the overview. For example: For a mixture of various types of crockery and utensils with plenty of food remains that are not stuck on fast, use the Auto programme. Reduce costs! If only a small number of dishes have been loaded into the dishwasher, selecting a programme that operates at the next lowest temperature will usually suffice. Programme data The stated programme data are based on standard operating conditions. The values can vary considerably according to: different amounts of dishes temperature of mains water supply pressure of mains water supply ambient temperature fluctuations in mains voltage machine-related factors (e.g. temperature, water volume, ...). Aqua sensor * * some models The Aquasensor is an optical measuring device (light barrier) which measures the t...

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