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User manual First Alert, model SCO7B

Manafacture: First Alert
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manual abstract

First Alert Model SCO7 is a state of the art smoke and CO combination alarm designed to provide early warning of a fire or carbon monoxide danger. It features a photoelectric smoke sensing chamber, an electrochemical CO sensor and "Voice Warning with Location". This exclusive feature incorporates a voice that will speak one of 11 pre-programmed locations and the danger detected. When the alarm sounds (if programmed for "basement", for example) it will speak "Warning, evacuate, smoke in basement". It features a Sweeping Horn Tone that has a lower and varying frequency that makes it easier for the elderly with normal age related hearing loss to hear the horn. Two AA alkaline batteries power supply, End of Life feature and single button test/silence. This alarm has two silence features. Low Battery Silence: Temporarily silence the low battery chirp for up to eight hours. Alarm Silence: Silence alarm for several minutes. Optipath 360 technologyTM provides 360 degrees of direct access to the smoke sensing chamber. It also features tamper resistant locking pins that lock the alarm to the mounting bracket and/or the battery drawer to prevent removal of battery. Battery installation and removal can occur while the unit is mounted to the ceiling or wall via the slide out battery drawer. Designed for wall or ceiling mounting. Includes mounting anchors and screws. PHOTOELECTRIC SMOKE & CO COMBO ALARM brkelectronics.com ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SPEC INSTALLATION OF ALARM The smoke/CO combination alarm shall be a First Alert Model SCO7 and shall provide at a minimum the following features and functions: 1. A Photoelectric smoke sensing chamber and an electrochemical CO sensor. 2. A Voice Warning of danger detected (Smoke or Carbon Monoxide) in addition to speaking one of 11 pre-programmed locations, e.g. “Warning, Evacuate, Smoke in Basement”. 3. The unit shall have a lower and varying horn frequency to to make it easier for the elderly with normal age related hearing loss to better hear the horn. 4. The unit shall have an "End of Life" signal. This signal should be capable of temporarily being silenced for up to 2 days. After about 2 days, the signal will resume. After about 2-3 weeks the signal cannot be silenced. 5. Fully screened smoke sensing chamber to resist entry of small insects thereby reducing the probability of unwanted alarms and be capable of self restoring. 6. Powered by supervised 2 AA alkaline batteries and a solid state piezo horn rated at 85dB at 10 ft. 7. A visual green LED power-on indicator to confirm unit is receiving power. A visual red indicator to show unit is alarm. 8. A full function test button should check all alarm functions by simulating a smoke and CO condition, causing the unit to alarm. 9. Two Silence features - Low Battery Silence: Silence low battery chirp for up to 8 hours. Alarm Silence: Temporarily silence unwanted nuisance alarms. 10. Optipath 360 TechnologyTM - provides 360 degrees of direct access to the smoke sensing chambers. 11. Two Locking features - tamper resistant locking pins that lock battery drawer and/or alarm to mounting bracket. 12. The unit shall be capable of operating between 40°F (4°C) and 100°F (38°C) and relative humidity between 10% and 95%. 13. The unit shall contain mounting hardware and shall be listed for wall or ceiling mounting. 14. The unit shall at a minimum meet the requirements of UL217, UL2034, CSFM, NFPA 72, NFPA 720, NFPA 101, ICC Installation of this alarm must conform to NFPA 72 and NFPA 720. Always check your local building codes. Follow all instructions for placement as outlined in the user’s manual. SHIPPING SPECS: TECHNICAL SPECS Individual Carton Dimensions 5.13 ”L x 2.380”W x 5.13”H Weight 0.66lbs. Cube 0.036 ft3 UPC 0 29054 00047 7 Master Carton Dimensions 10.750”L x 7.880”W x 11.06”H Master Pack 12 Weight 8.4lbs. Cube 0.542 ft3 I2 of 5 100 29054 00047 4 Pallet Information Cases per Layer 22 Number of Layers 4 Cases per Pallet 88 Units per Pallet 1,056 Cube 53.9 ft3 Weight 804 lbs. ©2009 BRK Brands, Inc. a Jarden Corporation Company (NYSE: JAH) 3901 Liberty Street Road Aurora, IL 60504-8122 All rights reserved First Alert is a registered trademark of the First Alert Trust BRK is a registered trademark of BRK Brands, Inc. CM2955 CAT. SCO7B THE PARTS OF THIS SMOKE/CO ALARM BOTTOM OF ALARM 1. Mounting bracket 2. Mounting Slots 3. Battery Drawer - Install 2 AA batteries here 4. Turn this way to remove from bracket 5. Turn this way to attach to bracket TOP OF ALARM 1. Test/Silence button & remote control sensor 2. Slide-open battery drawer 3. Power/smoke alarm light 4. CO alarm light BATTERY DRAWER LOCK Remove Pin from Mounting Bracket Close Door. Insert Pin in Holes through alarm and Battery Drawer 5.0" TOP VIEW SIDE VIEW MOUNTING BRACKET 2.0" Alarm Dimensions: 5.0” dia x 2.0”H Weight: 8.4 oz. Operating Voltage: 2AA Alkaline Battery Powered Temperature Range: 40°F (4°C) to 100°F (38°C) Humidity Range: 10% to 95% relative humidity (RH) ...


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