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User manual Thomas, model Bravo 20S Aquafilter

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30 °C) water. Replace the lid and insert the filled cleaning fluid tank into the appliance. ® Take the suction hose for cleaning fluid out of its holder on the motor block. Place the motor block onto the collecting bin such that the suction hose (36) is immersed all the way to the bottom of the cleaning fluid tank and is not bent.. ® Connect flexible hose. Remove the hose by turning the hose connecting piece to the side and withdrawing the hose. (M) Insert the cut-off valve into its receptacle on the suction tube. Snap the handle into the suction tube and fasten the cleaning fluid hose to the flexible hose by means of the plastic clips. (N) Snap the cleaning fluid hose into the quick coupling on the motor block. Fit the carpet spray extraction nozzle onto the suction tube. ® Place the cleaning fluid hose of the carpet spraying nozzle onto the cut-off valve and lock it in place by turning it. Press the cleaning fluid hose into the hose receptacle on the suction tubes, or in the case of stainless steel tubes, fasten it to the tube with the smaller tube clips (39). Connect the mains cable. Switch on the appliance with the On/Off (6) switch. Cleaning hard floors Assemble hard floor adapter. See "Carpet cleaning" procedure. We recommend THOMAS ProFloor cleaning concentrate for cleaning hard floors. Cleaning upholstery (according to model) For cleaning your upholstery or car seats, please use the upholstery spray extraction nozzle (23). Take care not to apply too much liquid; depending on the upholstery sublayer, you may experience significant drying times. ® Assemble the upholstery spray extraction nozzle. Fasten the cleaning fluid hose by turning it. Fit the nozzle onto the handle. Cleaning and care of the spray extraction system To care for the pump and valves properly, fill the cleaning fluid tank with clear water and insert it. Connect the mains cable. Switch on the On/Off switch (6) as well as the pump switch (7). Operate the spraying system, e.g. over a sink (disengage the hook on the cutoff valve (16)). Before removing the cleaning fluid hose, engage the hook on the cut-off valve (16, figure P) in order to release the remaining pressure in the system, and then press the key on the quick coupling (5). Remove mains cable! Afterwards, clean and dry the appliance and the accessories you have used. Never immerse the motor block in water! Clean the motor block casing with a damp cloth and wipe dry. Switch on the pump switch (7). 14 Important tips cleaner - the float will fall back into place - the appliance is ready for use again. l l l l When wet vacuuming, always vacuum by drawing the carpet spray nozzle in straight parallel strokes across the surface towards you. In order to avoid soiling the carpet again, you should not walk on shampooed carpets until they have dried. In order to achieve quicker drying of shampooed surfaces, it is helpful to remove residual liquid remaining in the carpet by vacuuming it again -without engaging the valve hook. When cleaning parquet floors, please observe the instructions of the parquet floor manufacturer. The motor does not function: - Is there damage to the mains cable, plug or socket? - Pull out the plug before checking. - Never open the motor yourself! No cleaning fluid is coming out: - Is the pump switched on (switch (7) has to light up)? - Clean the filter catch on the suction hose (36). - Has the suction hose been correctly fitted in the cleaning fluid tank? - Is the spray nozzle clogged? If the spray nozzle becomes clogged, lay the nozzle into water for a while and then blow strongly through it. If unexpected difficulties arise If your appliance does not operate to your satisfaction, you do not have to contact customer service straight away. Please check first as to whether the fault is due one of the following minor causes: Dust escaping from suction sockets: - Has the filter system been fitted in accordance with the instructions? - Has an original THOMAS filter been used? Gradual reduction in suction power: - Are the pores of the tissue filter clogged up by dust or soot? - Is the collecting bin full? - Is there a blockage in the nozzle, extension tube or flexible hose?/Stretch the flexible hose while the appliance is switched on - this will loosen the obstruction.) Water is coming out of the air expulsion openings of the appliance during vacuuming: - Is the float (figure S) blocked when vacuuming liquid and unable to operate? - Was original THOMAS cleaning concentrate used for shampooing? - Have AQUAFILTER and fine particle textile filter (according to model) been fitted according to the instructions? Customer Service: Ask your dealer for the address or telephone number of your nearest THOMAS Customer Service. Specify your model number and type when contacting your dealer - you will find these details on the rating plate. To maintain the safety of your appliance, you should have repairs, especially on li...

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